Upgrade Your Traditional Advertising Methodology

Locality is something that for generations has defined how effective a business can be, and has played into decisions by businesses and companies on where they place their brick and mortar locations. With the evolution of the internet, and the growing use of mobile devices, you might think off the cuff that this would decrease […]


It’s the first morning of SMX West in Santa Clara, Northern California. Outside,the air is crisp, clear and chilly for California standards. The expo hall is full of search marketers,Seo Experts and those who’d like to be just a little more informed.Familiar faces from twitter accounts pop up here and there. Brent Csutoras, Greg Boser, […]

Vint Cerf

A father of the internet – Codesigner of Tcip protocol Chairman of the board at ICAAN Worked on Aarpanet-brought packet switching 1969.Vint Cerf Networking went back to 1958, using vacuum tubes, collecting radio signals “”It was interesting to see how quickly people found ways to use these systems.” “The internet is a road system open […]

managing inhouse seo

Reporting and scorecarding: jessica Bowman David Roth YahooYahoo- Website- Not Yahoo search engine- Quantify opportunityMeasuing success Score carding: LTV Life Time ValueSubscriptionReferralCPM/CPC revenueWhats net valueWhat’s the profit margin Construct an opportunity reportEstablish predictive models for SEO traffic, Predict trhough clickspaceidenify the gapsAttach value Duane: KPI: visitsuniquespage views and conversions time on pageother items% of traffic […]

ask the seo

For large sites, your internal architecture is responsible for your rankings. Don’t resturture without 301s bruce- make sure you keep your robots.txt Easier to prevent vs Treat Bruce- Largest #10 rankings was url with 25 hyphens in it having urls with keywords that’s really long, isn’t super detrimental Jill- There’s a lot of SEOers giving […]

keyword session

http://www.antezeta.com/blog/human-side-search-marketing/ talking today about getting beyond keyword research 1.0 Which is primarily search volumnget into concepts – Catch up with search engines as they get into semantics 1.0 is primary search volumne-Search volumn only considered, high volumn not necesarily qualified- Query IntentSpecific site, braniding awareness, shoes.com – Navigational QuerieTypically have site links- Transactional- Buy shoes, […]

Seo Status report metrics

Lies:Everykeyword is equally important All potential keywords are accounted for and known Movement outside the first page doesn’t matter Education=buy in Rankings- Clicks-Conversions – (Adoption-Sale)-Money Call to action optimization( snippet optimization) Using average of keyword click throughs by updating meta titles- Question- have you seen any penalties come from changing your meta to many times? […]