Get A Rough Estimate of Potential Organic Traffic With Excel

Updated: 5/7/2018

I was just wondering earlier on Twitter if it’d be possible for a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to take my list of keywords and give me a ~guestimate of just how much traffic you could reasonably expect from them.

After all if Gary Vaynerchuck says I need to “figure out how that business makes money in the next six minutes.”[1] then I should get to it, right?

Here’s A Google Spreadsheet That Estimates Organic Traffic Potential

So while the new 2.0 Keywords tool from Ahrefs does do a single keyword traffic estimate of traffic it’s not a bulk or list tool (yet!)

I have created a spreadsheet populated with real data for an example client with some simple formulas that you can duplicate and then adjust & apply to your own keyword list.

** I created this for some client research but realized it might be cool to put it out there for others to utilize the idea.

What would ya say ya do here?

Download The Organic Traffic/Revenue Worksheet

Do you want to know what would happen if you actually do the work to get your site ranking?

Here's a handy worksheet I created for you to download you can use to estimate just how much traffic & revenue your site could potentially capture if it ranked on the first page of Google.


Industry, Brand & Product Topic Keywords

You may find it useful to dig into your keywords based on the brands your eCommerce store sells. You can also look at all of the topical keywords people search about a particular product or service or it may be better to try and focus on keywords about the industry itself you want to rank for online.

I made three individual sheets for these different verticals of keywords to dig into. Enjoy!

Here Are My Assumptions About Clicks

I was watching an Ahrefs video on keyword research and he shared their assumption about SERP click behavior: They estimate 50% of est. traffic volume per keyword flows to the top 3 ranking domains. I really forget what they sourced that from…maybe they can comment on the post with their source… ANYWHO!

So I took that assumption a little further and estimated:

  • #1 would get about half of overall volume so that’s 25% of traffic
  • #2-3 would get about half each of that half so that’s 15% of traffic
  • #3-10 would get 50% of traffic divided by the 7 rankings
  • #11 and below can assume 0 traffic

Want to learn more about my approach to SEO and the measurable metrics businesses should use to track their online marketing success?

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My Assumption About a REASONABLE expectation

No. You don’t get to rank #1 across the board. It’s NOT reasonable to expect out of most SEO campaigns.


So let’s paint a rosy, but maybe reasonable picture:

Let’s say that 25% of your keywords get to #1, 50 are #2-3 and 25% are #3-6

If you are more of a pessimist, or the client isn’t offering that much budget or it’s a rough neighborhood for competition then revise those down on the spreadsheet.

  • For 25 Nashville dentist keywords the estimate volume was: 2,540 per month
  • Using my assumptions above I estimate a reasonable ownage of the SERP would net: 458 Organic sessions per month, not including BRAND or LONGTAIL keywords.
  • Multiply that organic traffic by your site’s Organic Conversion rate (if you don’t have access to Google Analytics or have goals configured then you can assume between 2.5% and 5%) to get your est. # of leads. 22 Leads
  • Multiply your est. leads by your estimated Close rate on leads (differs wildly for every niche, I just used 50% arbitrarily) 11 clients
  • Multiply the number of leads by the average Revenue per new client/sale (I assumed $1000) and BOOM You have the estimated organic revenue increase from a “REASONABLE” result of an SEO campaign.  $11,000
    • You need to keep in mind that some of your revenue from those clients might be upfront and some of it might be recurring or monthly revenue. If you have monthly recurring revenue from your clients, then you should take the needed time to figure out your “churn rate” to come up with an idea of how long you usually keep your customers.

      “When you’re figuring out your churn rate, especially at an early stage in your business, the process of acquisition should be taken into account. I.e. Your friends, family or close business referrals are going to have a different shelf life compared to clients you’ve won on your own merits, so to speak” – Chris Sipe of Gigamunch, an international meal delivery service startup based in Nashville.

      1. Btw that Vaynerchuck quote was from this coworking space‘s blog.

Give Your Website An Easy SEO Boost – Even If You Think You’re Doing Everything Right

Think you’ve got your SEO covered? Think again. Even if you’re an SEO master, you could find there are some things that you’ve missed or have evolved that mean you’re website isn’t performing to its full potential. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to take your SEO to the next level – don’t overlook these simple tips to give your website an SEO boost. You never know when you could learn something new!

Give each page a meaningful title

You come to expect a certain set of pages when you land on a website – does yours live up to the job? An effective website title includes your business name and a short description of what you do. This can help people to find out more about your business. Meanwhile, sections of your website such as ‘services’, ‘blog’, etc. should have an accurate title and a meta description. Meta descriptions are an important part of your SEO, so make sure that you:

    • Keep them short

    • Use only one or two keywords

    • Avoid using the title in the description

  • Write persuasive and informative copy – sell your page to the reader.

Get rid of the deadwood

You would think that having more pages on your website will give you more opportunities for SEO, that will then help you to boost your rankings. However, having pages that are underperforming could be doing you more harm than good. Conduct an audit of your website to work out what’s doing well and what isn’t – and clear the pages where the content is poor or you’re not getting many views. If you think that the content deserves to be seen, spend some time promoting that particular page to help get your stats up. Failing that, look for ways to improve your web content to help you create more engaging content.

Give your links some structure

Randomized URLs can harm your SEO score, so if you’ve not given much thought to them before – it’s time to get things organized. The right link structure will make it easier to find your pages through a search engine, so ditch the figures and random letters and instead switch to words separated by hyphens that actually mean something. Keep your page URLs short and sweet and watch your rankings improve.

Add some internal links

While having external links can give credibility to your content, having some internal links is also important for boosting your SEO. More links to your web pages places more importance on those pages in the eyes of search engines, while also giving visitors more reasons to explore additional content and explore your website further. Your page rankings for specific keywords will go up, helping to drive further clicks to your website. Get into the habit of adding internal links to all of your content, and add them to previous content as well.

Format your text

Don’t underestimate the link between user experience and SEO. The better the user experience, the more people are likely to visit your website. Formatting text is a basic element of designing the right user experience, but it’s surprising how many businesses get it wrong. A reader needs to be able to read your content clearly and easily, and headings will help with that process. Headings can also help your SEO as using keywords in the headings helps boost the page ranking. Formatting text correctly by using a mixture of headings, bolding words and using italics, will all help your content to appear more readable – which is especially important for appealing to smartphone and tablet users.

Consider using SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It’s difficult to stand out among all the competition that exists online, and sometimes even good SEO can’t help you. You might have confused Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the past, but if you read more about them, you’ll find that they are actually quite different. SEM is paid for, while SEO is earned. With the right budget, SEM could help you to grow your business by being seen in those top search engine results. Google Ads and YouTube advertising are two great ways you can use SEM to help you grow your website and make it more visible to others.

Make your images relevant

The right kind of web images can boost your content, making it more meaningful and appealing to the reader. Using images can help people to understand your content, as well as prove to be a useful SEO tool. Some useful tips for making your images relevant for your website include:

    • Provide Alt-text that describe your image. This is not only important for your SEO, but for improving your website’s accessibility too.

    • Make sure your images aren’t too large – this can increase your loading time and deter people from staying on your page.

  • Provide useful image descriptions that include your keywords.

Always ensure that you own the copyright to your images, or that they are licensed under Creative Commons.

Do some link building

It’s all well and good linking to other websites, but who is linking back to yours? Engaging in some link building can help you to gain trust and raises your authority status. With more traffic coming to your website, your search rankings will increase. Link building ideas can include guests posts on other people’s blogs, working with influencers, some good PR and promoting your business on social media. Be receptive to others looking to build links too – you never know when you might need the favor returned.

Getting your SEO strategy right is a key part of making your business a success online. It’s important to review your SEO regularly so that you can stay on top of the latest trends and keep your website from falling behind. Using SEO specialists can be a great way to take care of your SEO so that you can enjoy the benefits without having to do the legwork. Is it time you gave your SEO a boost? Start today.

7 Signs Your Website Is Boring

Few websites are plain bad – they’re just plain boring. Here are seven tell-tale signs that your website is dull and how you can spice it up to get more visitors engaged and more visitors returning.

The Bounce Rate is High

A clear sign that people aren’t interested in your website is a high bounce rate. This is when visitors only stay a short duration on your website before looking elsewhere.

Some websites get lots of visitors but none that stay any longer than a few second. This shows that you may have good search engine rankings and a good web presence, but your website itself isn’t gripping people. Of course, this could be for a variety of reasons (of which are listed below).

You can use tools such as Google Analytics to look up your website’s bounce rate.

It’s a Blah Template Job

A lot of people now use sites like WordPress to build their own website for free. These free website builders offer templates which you can use to build your website around. Whilst relying on a template is easy, it can risk your website looking identical to fifty thousand other websites. As a result, it can look boring.

You’ll know if it’s template job if you built the website yourself. If you got a professional to build your website, but you still suspect that it was built using a template, you can read more here to help look for extra signs.

It’s possible to still start with a template, but edit it enough to make it your own by adding extra plug-ins and messing around with the layout. Alternatively, you could get a credible website designer to build you a website from scratch with no template use involved.

It’s All Text, No Images

In the early days of the internet, it was common for websites to rely heavily on text. Nowadays, large walls of text are a turn-off for most people. Unless your website is a blog dedicated to in-detail discussion, few people will have the patience to scroll through large chunks of text.

The most effective way to break up this text is with images. Modern website prioritise space for images over space for text. In fact, most homepages are now largely dedicated to an image. This gives your website more visual oomph, helping to draw in the reader.

There are many other ways to break up text. You could try using infographics, videos, bullet points, call to action buttons and even graphs to help make your website look more exciting. Even regularly using paragraph breaks and allowing room for some white space can help to text to look less intimidating.

The Language is Overly Technical

A lot of websites – particularly company websites – can rely too heavily on technical language in order to come across more professional and more knowledgeable. Sometimes this technical language can just come across pretentious and impenetrable, preventing people from wanting to read further.

Unless your website is aimed at a niche that is likely to know all this fancy lingo, try to communicate in layman’s terms to get people hooked. Don’t refer to yourself as a ‘human resources procurement company’ when ‘recruitment’ will do – you’ll put off customers who may feel they’ve arrives at the wrong place.

To determine whether your website is written with too much technical jargon, consider doing some market research with some strangers and asking them to tell you what they think your website is about – if they can’t decipher what you’re writing, it could be time to simplify it.

The Fonts and Colours are Generic

Certain fonts and colour schemes can also be too familiar, preventing your website from standing out.

Popular examples of generic fonts include Times New Roman and Comic Sans. Such fonts could make your website look amateurish given that they’re used practically everywhere. This website has some great fixes for these boring fonts.

As for boring colour schemes, think beyond black and white – the minimal look was popular a couple years ago, but nowadays it feels very plain. Whilst you shouldn’t opt for too many gaudy colours, there are many ways to bring your website to life with a splash of colour. This site offers just a few inspirational colour schemes to play with.

You Never Update Your Content

When it comes to attracting return visitors, it’s important that your website is regularly updated – if it’s just the same content as before, your customers aren’t going to want to come back as you have nothing new to offer them.

The easiest way to keep your website regularly updated is to start a blog. You can create regular blog posts on topic surrounding the theme of your website. Alternatively, if it’s a company website, you may be able to advertise seasonal deals and add new testimonials.#

Your Website Takes Ages to Load

Slow loading websites can also put off visitors. If you have to wait thirty seconds to fully load each page, it could be time to look into solutions to help speed things up.

Slow loading times could be the result of too much code. Heavy use of plug-ins, videos, animations and high resolution images can often lead to slow loading times. Where possible, try to keep each page simpler. Rather than having multiple videos on one page, divide them up onto different pages. Similarly, if you’re relying heavily on plug-ins, consider whether it might be better to code a website from scratch so that you can cut down on the amount of code.

A slow loading website could also be the result of the server you’re use. Whilst it can be more costly, you could consider switching to a private server rather than sharing a server with lots of other websites – this is likely to reduce your site’s loading time.

Why Your SEO Campaign Is In The Doldrums

Today’s businesses rely on effective internet marketing to funnel customers to their products. But SEO campaigns are anything but simple. With so many variables to consider, it’s often hard to see where you might be failing and why your campaign is in the doldrums.

Not to worry. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the common problems companies like yours face when conducting an SEO campaign. If you’re struggling, it’s likely you’re facing one of the following issues.

Your SEO Agency Isn’t Up To Date

Image result for campaign


The rules of effective SEO change all the time. But some agencies don’t update their methods, either because they’re too costly or because of customer ignorance. Effective SEO agencies gave up things like keyword stuffing a long time ago, but some still use it, believing that it can make a difference to how their clients rank.

Look for agencies that use the most up-to-date methods. Do your research about what is proven to work, and what doesn’t, and then compare this to what your agency offers. Do they align? Or should you find another organisation that could potentially do a better job?

You’re Not Being Specific To Your Business

SEO is no longer a general activity based on optimising around a few keywords. It’s something that is specific to the kind of business you do. SEO for architects and interior designers, for instance, is different from SEO for plumbers and electricians.

Think carefully about how you can make your SEO more relevant to the work that you do. This could mean building links with related websites, creating content that is valid to your customers or being more picky with the keywords you target.

You’re Paying Too Little

Image result for seo

Flickr by Limelight Leads        

It seems strange to some small business owners that they might have to pay for SEO. After all, it’s all so intangible. But rising up the ranks in Google and other search engines takes time and money because the first-page is such a premium space.

Companies with the wrong attitude to SEO often get into trouble, believing that it’s something that they can have for very little money. And when they pay low prices, they get poor results. In short, when it comes to SEO, you get what you pay for.

You Haven’t Waited Long Enough

SEO campaigns can take a while to have an effect. This is because of the clever way that search algorithms weight pages. Often it takes months for a page to rise through the ranks, even if it is popular and correctly optimised for your intended audience.

Top SEO agencies will make this clear to you from the outset. They’ll tell you that it takes at least six to nine months to get a page to rank well for popular keywords, even with a lot of investment. If you see a company offering similar results in a couple of weeks or less, it’s best to ignore it.

You may feel that your SEO campaign is in the doldrums, but remember than ranking well is a marathon, not a sprint.

Running Your Business from Your Smartphone

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In the modern world, smartphones have become somewhat ubiquitous and used for all sorts of different purposes. Of course, there are all the communication and entertainment options out there, but you can also run many parts of your business from it. Obviously, you need to be able to utilise the technology in your pocket properly to get the maximum benefit from it. With this in mind, we will take a closer look at some tips which can help you out in your business dealings using your phone.

Download the Right Apps

Apps form the cornerstone of a lot of activities using your smartphone, and you need to choose the right professional ones. All your favourite and most-used office programs have some sort of app form. And there are also the ones which give you maximum editing power such as Ideally, you should download the apps that you can use across multiple different platforms so that you are easily able to transition between your different files and tasks no matter what device you are using.

Establish Communication Channels

There are so many different communication options out there these days when it comes to your smartphone that it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to use. So, you need to establish some clear communication guidelines with your staff members and clients if possible. For example, small issues could be dealt with using instant messaging services such as Slack, whereas bigger ones could be reserved for email. And you could also try to set up some guidelines and ‘office hours’. After all, you still need to take a break from your business and give your mind the chance to decompress from time to time.

Use Voice Technology

Voice technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and for business people who find themselves constantly on the go, it can prove to be invaluable. A voice assistant can allow you to dictate your emails from wherever you are, undertake Google searches, launch applications and more. You can also use one to help manage your schedule by setting reminders etc.

Back Up Your Files

With cloud-based storage systems, there is never the need to lose important files ever again. You should make sure that you have one of the common storage systems and set your files to backup automatically. Not only are they safe, but you can also access them from wherever you are.

Optimise Your Phone

Just like you should spend some time tidying up your email inbox, you also need to make sure that your phone is fully optimised. Keep the time-wasting apps such as social media off your home screen and take the time to clear your phone of anything which is no longer needed.

Your smartphone is an invaluable tool in helping you to run your business, and these are just a few of the ways that you can use it effectively.

How And Why Your Business Should Establish Authority

No matter how digital and technologically advanced business gets, human beings will always remain bound by their fundamental traits. One of them, is the psychological aspect that the concept of trust challenges us with. Trust comes in different forms but when it comes to consumers and companies, think of it as the bridge. It has to be constructed out of solid materials. The design has to be sound, so that it will last a long time. It will take a long time to build the bridge hence why it is so precious. However, getting customers to walk over the bridge is the final frontier for businesses. What makes you trust someone? Is it the way they dress, what they say, the amount of time you have spent in their company, or is it their knowledge? In truth, aesthetics are the first thing you notice but the first thing to lose power. Knowledge is what makes us trust someone, intellect and effective communication. Once someone has your respect due to their knowledge, they are seen as a figure of authority. The exact same can be done in business.

Beyond the surface

Businesses have previously thought that keeping their language simple, so customers can understand on a larger scale, would be the best way to secure the most sales. This is not so in the modern era of consumer culture. Now, we aren’t just in the information age anymore, we’re in the informed age. Everyone has knowledge at their fingertips, because with just a quick search they can know complex details about systems, apps, products, services and just about anything. So when you do write a blog or make a video for your business, do not refrain from using industry jargon. Go beyond the surface explanation, and technically explore and teach customers what your products are all about.

Customize your content

You have probably already seen and heard of testimonials. It's a simple enough concept that can be furthered. It's essentially using real-life examples of where your products can or have been useful. Customers can make a testimonial video or small description showcasing their experience with your business which you can put up on your website as ‘proof’ that you are as good as you say you are. However, with a company that has professional SEO services, you can also make case studies. This is basically customized content that explores the real-world applications of your products and or services. Where there is a problem, and how you can fix it, as well as a knowledgeable look at performance gaps in the market, your business can fit into the keyhole where others could not.

Make a speech

Should consumers consider Apple and Microsoft leaders in their respective industries because they sell the most units? That’s arguably one of the most important aspects, but they each have conferences and speeches each year that delve into what the future could hold and where technology is heading. This is the second part of the puzzle, you need to make speeches that tackle interesting questions and then interject how your products are challenging those questions.

The more consumers can trust what you’re saying and acknowledge your knowledge in your industry, the more consumers will flock to your business and see you as a figure of authority, who they can trust.

Read This Before You Create A Company App

It seems like every company has its very own app that customers can use these days. If your business doesn’t yet have one, what are you waiting for? There is now no excuse that creating and developing an app will be difficult and expensive, as that really isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to all the great resources and software out there, it can be incredibly easy for anyone to create a simple app from scratch. And the cost will also be a lot lower than what you might think!


So, are you ready to start putting your ideas for an app into practice? Here are some great tips that can help you bring it into reality!

Put A Plan In Place

Firstly, before you get started on any kind of design and development, you need to write up  a plan. This should be a detailed timeline outlining the various jobs and other tasks that need to be carried out in the run-up to the launch of your app. Not only that, though, but it’s a good idea to add a budget for your app to this plan. That will help you keep a better check on your money while you are working on everything. This plan can be written in much the same way as your business plan was. Only this one will be a lot smaller and will focus entirely on your app!


Consider Which Features You Will Need

It’s also necessary to think about which features you want the app to have before you get started. Generally speaking, most developers will need a finalized list of features before they start working on the app. They might not be able to accommodate any changed to this once they have got started. There are a few main features that you might need, such as in-app contact so your customers can easily reach you. If you want your customers to be able to buy from your company using the app, then you will have to also add an in-app ecommerce platform as well as plenty of security and encryption features.


Get Some Developers Onboard

Even though there are plenty of great resources out there that can help you teach yourself to code, you still probably won’t be able to amass the skills and knowledge required to develop a professional app. So, it’s best to find some developers who can help you with the more technical tasks that need carrying out. If you don’t have any in-house developers within your company, I’m sure you will be able to find a reputable developer firm to outsource your app to.

Understand Your Audience

It is crucial that you understand the audience that will be using this app. That can then help you understand which features you should add to it and also how you can market it better. The chances are that your app audience will be exactly the same as your current customers, so you should already have a good background knowledge on them. Don’t worry, though; if you don’t fully understand your audience, some market research can certainly help you. You just need to find out the audience’s wants and needs and what motivates them to buy from you. Using all of this information, you will be able to create an app that they will certainly want to use. If you don’t have time to research this kind of thing, you can always outsource it to a market research company. They’ll be able to take this job off your hands for a very reasonable price.


Always Use The Latest Tech

When it comes to creating the app and developing, there will be a lot of technology available to help you. It is super important that you invest in the best and most up-to-date technology. Apps and the tech used to create them can go out of date very quickly, and there is no way any of your audience will want to use an outdated app. It could be very clunky and hard for them to use. Thankfully, if you invest in good tech to help you develop and create it, then it should be as up to date as can be, and that will be a big turn on for some users.

Test, Test, And Test Again!

Once your app is starting to take shape, it will be time to start testing it. There are programs that you can test apps in and these should flag up most bugs and other issues, but it is also crucial that you test the app on real users. These real people will be able to test the app’s usability and can then tell you how easy it is to use. Not only that, though, but they will be able to give you feedback on the navigation and the in-app features. It’s a good idea to have a few different rounds of tests as you add more features and develop the app further. This can help you iron out any problems as you go. It’s also worth asking your testers for general feedback and opinions about their app as these could all be useful as you develop the app further.


Get Ready To Face Problems

Developing an app isn’t always an easy road to travel down. There can be lots of lumps and bumps along the way! Because of these various problems that you are likely to face, it is worth being generous with the timeline that you give yourself for this new project. That way, they can’t hold you up too much. Some of these issues that you will face are also very common, so it’s a good idea to try and second guess the problems that you will face so that you can come up with some potential solutions before they hit your app.

All of the tips above can help you make a brilliant app that will no doubt benefit your company as a whole. Now you just need to get to work!

An Insight into the Top Challenges that Small Businesses Face

Operating a small business can be difficult because you don’t have the cash flow of a large company, but you have far more responsibility when compared to a freelancer. Being stuck in the middle can come with its challenges, and if you are not able to overcome these then you may find yourself being left in the dirt by your competition.

Cash Flow

Money problems can happen to anyone but if you are a small business then you will probably feel the effects more than a bigger company. You may have clients who stall payments, outgoings that you did not expect at all and even outstanding bills that have to be paid. There are some money management tools that you can use to try and get around issues such as these, and there are even applications that can help you to calculate VAT, automate your bill payments and even maintain your credit score. Online invoicing is also something that you need to be looking into, as it can be a great way for you to persuade those reluctant clients to part with their hard-earned cash.


It may be tempting to try and do everything yourself. This is especially the case if you are a small business owner. Long hours can put you under even more pressure, and eventually you may end up making mistakes and not paying attention to clients as much as you should. As a business owner, it is so important that you pace yourself, and you also need to make sure that you embrace delegation. To begin with, work out the business elements that are outside your skillset and then pass them onto a specialist. This could include an accountant or even a legal expert. You will end up saving time, money and you won’t have to worry about making mistakes as much either.

Technology Issues

Think about it, if your system went down, where would that leave your business? You would probably end up having to shut for the day and your employees would have to be sent home. This is the last thing that you need, so it is imperative that you have backup IT solutions in place. You also need to have the number for an emergency computer repair service as well, so if something does happen, you will never experience too many delays.

Retaining Customers

It’s so important that you are able to identify your unique selling point. You also need to know your customers on a personal level. If you don’t then you won’t be doing yourself any favours and you may even find it harder to retain customers who have purchased from you in the past. One way for you to get around this would be for you to utilise your own analytical data. You need to know the age of your customers, what they like and what they don’t. Social media is a fantastic way for you to do this, and it can make all the difference to your marketing campaign.

How to Use Rank Trackers Effectively


Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to boost your brand visibility, it’s a great long-term investment with traffic potentially arriving for a long time after you’ve made the neccesary things to grow. With an effective SEO campaign, you also enhance productivity in your business. Even so, the internet is becoming a highly competitive platform by the day.

For this reason, you really do need to monitor and track your keywords in some way to understand the real effectiveness of your SEO campaign. This can be done by tracking your keywords and URLs on your website. [You also should take the time to track the performance of your competitors so you can keep ahead of their game!]

Tracking your keywords allows you to identify your website strengths and areas in your campaign that are underperforming. Today, there are amazing and effective tracking tools that enable you to track your keywords.

SERP Rank Tracker by Raven Tools is just one of the many reliable rank tracking tools you can use. This piece offers useful tips to help you track your keyword listing position effectively with Raven.

Get flexible SERP Tracking across multiple engines, zip codes & devices for the best price per keyword tracked!

Tips to effectively use Raven’s rank tracker

Choose how many keywords you want to track

Raven has a simple metric, a Rank Position Check(RPC), representing one check of a serp for a domain in one search engine, at one zip code, on one device type. You can track a keyword for as little as $0.006 per RPC month. The price increases as the number of the URLs or domain combinations increase. Obviously you need to assess your tracking needs and the size of your business.

Take advantage of daily notifications and updates

Keyword tracking should happen regularly, even more on daily basis to help you manage your SEO campaign. In this light, take advantage of the flexibility of creating daily marketing reports that include not just your SERP rankings, but also your overall organic traffic changes & many other digital marketing metrics like call tracking by Callrail.

  • Search engine rankings
  • Backlinks from Majestic
  • Search console data
  • Social media metrics
  • Call tracking metric
  • Paid ad performance. 

From these updates, you will effectively monitor the performance of your keywords. However, this doesn’t mean that you change your campaign on daily basis. Change is progressive and you need to be sure of the URLs and keywords that are affecting your ranking. Take note of the changes and work towards designing an SEO campaign that will serve your business for long.

Keeping track of search engine ranking changes? This can be up or down. Pretty important to know if you’re an expert in SEO or a newbie. Armed with the right metrics, you can design a campaign that helps you to grow your business and achieve a cutting edge against your actual  competitors.

Engage with clients

Client interaction is very important in the world of SEO as a service. Raven helps you to get a good and factual report that you can share with clients. This can be done through live results of keyword performance in any category that is relevant to the clients. This gives your target audience an opportunity to also track your keywords whenever they deem relevant.

A point to note is that client interaction allows you to build solid relationships. It builds client loyalty and in the end, it boosts your growth. What’s more, it becomes easy running a business with clients who trust your operations hence, increased productivity.

Generate regular reports

As you track your keyword ranking, it is wise that you generate regular reports for your clients as well. There are different formats that Raven offers including a PDF and Excel format. In this regard, generate regular reports say, on a day 1 to day 30 frequency.

What’s more, the reports are automated. As a result, it becomes easy to share it with your clients. 

Google analytics and charts

Depending on your needs and personal preferences, you can compare data using charts. Raven is incredible keyword tracker that offers great competitor comparison of your keyword ranking positions. It also has the ability to determine how your SEO campaign performs on different devices, search engines and zip codes for local SEO.


Blockchain Mistakes Businesses Often Make

There is no denying that Blockchain is taking over at the moment. Many companies are implementing the Blockchain because it promises a lot of potential. However, unfortunately, there is no denying that a lot of projects do not make it past the production stage. With that being said, continue reading to find out more about the common Blockchain mistakes that companies often make.

Failing to understand or overlooking the purpose of Blockchain technology – A lot of companies enter into a Blockchain project because it is “the thing to do” at the moment. However, this is not the right attitude to have. You need to have the core purpose of Blockchain in mind when you generating a project that implements the Blockchain. You need to add trust to any untrusted environment if you are to get the most of Blockchain and the technology you are going to be utilising.

Insufficient resource investment – A lot of Blockchain projects do not have the resources in which to invest. It is all about three critical components: knowledge, money, and time. It is worth devoting a sizable amount of time to locating and involving professionals from with your team.

Wrong statement of project – If you are implementing a Blockchain project, it is of huge importance that you put together a statement of project during ICO/Token introduction. This must include the meaning, mission, and specific goals of the project.

Viewing Blockchain technology simply as a storage mechanism or database – You must recognise that a distributed ledger is not the same as a distributed management system, The Blockchain provides a limited amount of capabilities in data management in exchange for a service that is decentralised. It is not wise to use blockchain to replace a distributed database. You need to figure out how Blockchain will fit into your information management needs.

Fear of making mistakes and lack of patient – Short-term trading has been awoken due to the fact that individuals are inundated with fast selling and buying proposals. This is a method that can result in you going broke. You need to trade with a view of getting good interest on your money.

Making the assumption that current technology is ready for production utilisation – While there is no denying that some companies are ensuring Blockchain as a mature technology. Only Ethereum and Bitcoin are proven at any scale. There are so many different Blockchain platform technologies, and this is something you will see when exploring Blockchain technology investing in further detail. However, proofs of concept based on ‘test and learn’ outcomes and multi ledger experimentation are a must.

As you can see, there are a number of different mistakes that companies often make when it comes to Blockchain. Hopefully, you can learn from the errors that other businesses have made, rather than making these mistakes yourself.