How To Create Worthwhile SEO Content

The reason I’m writing this post is as an example for a customer, who has great writing skills already but wants to incorporate some best practices to help that content surface for as many searches as possible to generate traffic for his business.

How Do I Effectively Create Content For My Website That Will Rank?

Using an engaging writing style while presenting each relevant subtopic supported with a direct answer and various types of content will generally generate content that ranks well. Thoroughly explore the topic and address the major concerns people might be searching and provide thoughtful, well written answers along with relevant images and supporting content. 

Add relevant images to create compelling content that ranks.

Here’s a short list of ways to ensure you capture “rich snippets” and create deeply relevant content:

  • Use the “People Also Ask Function” to find common questions and actually provide a full answer to them in your post. This by the way is a great process for uncovering longtail keywords.
  • Include relevant images with appropriate matching file names and meta data
  • Present additional information in tables, numbered lists and bulleted lists.
  • Be sure to link out and cite additional resources frequently

How Long Does My Content Need To Be To Rank In Search

There’s no specific length required for your content to rank for a specific keyword or phrase search. However, you should keep in mind that the most useful and complete content does seem to corrolate with additional rankings and traffic.

Aim for comprehensive content, don't just make useless longform content.

But that does not mean that the LONGEST content is what’s going to rank for your search, but the most COMPLETE articles tend to address all the facets of the topic, and therefore tend to capture more rankings and traffic.