How Much Do I Charge For SEO Services & Audits?

How Much Do I Charge For SEO Services & Audits?

"I'd recommend Jeremy for anyone. He's answered in minutes questions we've been wondering for years. That level of clarity from someone who's been in the industry as deeply as he has is awesome to have on staff.
Michael Danner is Vice President of Digital Marketing For Dr. Axe Inc.

I’ve been working and analyzing SEO issues with local small businesses, franchise chains, & national scope brands for 15 years. I am well practiced in technical SEO, fixing Google Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Social Media Growth strategies and PPC campaign analysis & management. I’d be happy to consult with your Cookeville business, (or nationwide really).

SEO Consulting and ongoing SEO Campaign Support – $100/Hour

Every business is unique. You have a history online, offline partnerships, a unique market offering and I can help examine your website and it’s online presence to identify opportunities for you to reach more people, and create more business from that improvement.

Often clients want to learn SEO, or have their team learn how to implement or create content that makes the biggest impact. If that’s the case, I can provide SEO strategy with training
Often clients want to be “hands-off” with their websites, and trust a professional to make edits, create content and build the links needed and just be updated on the progress of the campaign, I can also facilitate this type of working relationship.

Scale-able White Hat, Ethical, Organic Link Building Service

Google looks at those blue clickable links to your site as “signals” confirming your site’s identity, authenticity, authority and relevance. There’s many strategies all involving reaching out to other sites in some way to get your site the links it needs in order to rank for competitive terms in Cookeville (or wherever you’re located)

This service can be done in combination with other SEO services, or stand-alone, if you JUST need links for your site.

One-Time SEO Service

In-Depth Technical SEO Audit – Analysis, slide deck & presentation – $2000

I will analyze the website’s architecture, content & outreach(link building/Social media) strategies and present them in person in a 40-60 slide presentation with a description, analysis and action items. *Include time for in person/online conference presentation

Advanced Option: In-Depth Technical SEO Audit Spreadsheet

If you’re already savvy with SEO, don’t need to bring “decision makers” onto a plan and are just looking for”what the hell is wrong with my site, and how do I fix that” then this is perfect option for you. I will go through the audit process and instead of making a presentation I will make a Google spreadsheet you can use to complete the recommended fixes or can even use it to assign and keep track of it’s implementation.

Get in touch get a quote for 100% whitehat, ethical, organic link building that can scale to meet your business’s budget, goals & needs.

How Much Organic Traffic Can I Get?

SEO ROI Forecasts. You can collect the proper data, and combine it with your site’s conversion rate, sale rate and revenue per sale with a collection of relevant keywords to get a prediction of potential traffic. You can use this tool to get an idea of your market potential before you start your SEO campaign. It’s also a tool I built to

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