How Much I Do I Charge For SEO Services & Audits?

I’ve been working and analyzing SEO issues with local small businesses, franchise chains, & national scope brands for 12 years. I am well practiced in technical SEO, fixing Google Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Social Media Growth strategies and PPC campaign analysis & management.

Michael Danner's 5 star review of Jeremy Rivera SEO

Michael Danner is Vice President of Digital Marketing For Dr. Axe Inc.

SEO, Marketing & PPC Consulting – $125/Hour

In-Depth Technical SEO Audit – Analysis, slide deck & presentation – $2000

I will analyze the website’s architecture, content & outreach(link building/Social media) strategies and present them in person in a 40-60 slide presentation with a description, analysis and action items. *Include time for in person/online conference presentation

Advanced Option: In-Depth Technical SEO Audit Spreadsheet

If you’re already savvy with SEO, don’t need to bring “decision makers” onto a plan and are just looking for”what the hell is wrong with my site, and how do I fix that” then this is perfect option for you. I will go through the audit process and instead of making a presentation I will make a Google spreadsheet you can use to complete the recommended fixes or can even use it to assign and keep track of it’s implementation.

Scale-able White Hat, Ethical, Organic Link Building Service

Do you already know that you need links? Get in touch get a quote for 100% whitehat, ethical, organic link building that can scale to meet your business’s budget, goals & needs.

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