Clients & Case Studies

SEO Client Outcomes & Case Studies

Client Spotlight: I started consulting with the Dr. Axe marketing team in December, 2015.

I’ve worked with small business’ from acupuncturists, custom woodworkers, to realtors and have done full scale technical SEO audits & consulting  for national brands like LumosityI-Trip Vacations & Dr. Axe.

I believe in practicing what I preach so I have a Mortgage pre approval guide, Nashville Directory and Nashville Real Estate Agent Directory in order to test out my theories and concepts. I also just created a site that creates t-shirts for specific Subreddits, if you’re into Reddit like I am.

“I hired Jeremy to optimize the SEO on my blog and Ecommerce store.  He thoroughly covered every aspect of SEO for my site and showed me how to optimize my online presence. 

He was efficient and professional throughout the time we worked together.  I immediately saw improvement in my website traffic and all aspects of my analytics after implementing the changes he suggested. 

If the online presence of your business is
important to you then hire Jeremy to review your SEO today.”

Mickie of One Strong Southern Girl; Fitness Product Reviews & Aerobic Exercise Stepper Platforms

Some of My SEO Clients & Projects

  • Industry: Steel & Metal Door Manufacturer
    • URL:
    • SEO Service Provided: Link building strategy consultation and implementation.

  • Industry: Commercial Bathroom Partitions
    • URL:
    • SEO Service Provided: Link building strategy implementation

Industry: Nashville Roof Replacement & Commercial Nashville Roofing

  • URL:
  • Hands on SEO services, social media and PPC.
  • This is Nashville Roofer client I have partnered on a lead generation basis.

Want to learn more about my approach to SEO and the measurable metrics businesses should use to track their online marketing success?

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  • Industry: Health, Nutrition & Fitness
    • URL:
    • SEO consultation services
  • Project: TV Tech Support
    • SEO consulting Services
  • Project: Houndgear
    • Ongoing seo services for a dog adoption vest & dog harness manufacturer
  • Client: River Queen Voyakes: Kayak Nashville Tour & Outfitter
    • URL:
    • Provided in-depth consulting for content optimization and link building opportunities.
  • Project: SEO Site Crawler Tool
    • URL:
    • Executed ambitious social media (Twitter) and content based growth strategy to quicky capture followers and get downloads of the free tool.
  • Project: Real Estate Commission Advance
    • Created a site out of flyers and basic information from his franchise to generate leads for his real estate commission advance service.
  • Industry: Nashville Conference Center
    • URL:
    • SEO Service Provided: Monthly execution of onsite optimization & content building, link building and PPC management
  • Project: Whitehat, ethical link building for a Nashville rehab resource website.
  • Project: Urinal Dividers & Privacy Screens
    • URL:
    • Non-client project using it as a learning project for long term, sustainable link building and content development.
  • Project: Dr. Axe: Food Is Medicine
    • URL:
    • SEO Consulting on monthly retainer

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