SEO Basics For Small Business

There is TOO MUCH information clouding the clear insights and process that small businesses need to cover to get the most out of their website. With cold-calls, tons of questionable sources posting constantly about SEO, it can be really hard to narrow down and pinpoint exactly what is worth doing as the owner of a small business and corrosponding website.

Affordable SEO Consulting For Small Business

MOST small businesses cannot afford, and actually do not need a full-time SEO agency or dedicated in-house marketing person savvy in the ways of leveraging SEO best practices. Your margins are really to small to support a sizable retainer of a freelance consultant to do all the work either. Usually small business owners then try to wear “two hats”, and end up muddling around and wasting a lot of their own time and lost money they could have from an optimized site.

That’s why I’m offering my experience to small business owners with a detailed Small Business Basics consultation for $200. We’ll review your site in a 1:1 meeting (okay to invite other team members who might help with site tasks), detailed keyword research and SEO forecasts that will help guide your on-page optimization, and give you workable processes to generate unique, useful content for your audience that will drive rankings, traffic and revenue from your site.

  • Custom Keyword research & forecasts
  • 1 hr zoom strategy meeting and site analysis
  • Guide on optimizing on-page content
  • Guide on optimizing your Google profile
  • Guide on generating useful, relevant topical content

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