Which Halloween Creature is the best/worst?

[polldaddy poll=1062358] What’s halloween without a discussion of the nightmare creatures that we sick and twisted humans have come up with over the years. Take the poll and rate which category of monster is the most evil/scary. Notice of course that I didn’t put specific monsters, that’s a whole different topic! ūüėõ Here’s some helpful […]

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Google Chat on DMOZ

During the Google Webmaster Chat The Googlers addressed the concern about DMOZ “Are Google ready to junk Dmoz yet? The categories are so poorly maintained, that they are out of date and irrelevant.” Adam Lasnik: We are always looking at how do we value sites. How authorative are they? we weigh things different things often […]

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Trix-n-Treats-Google Webmaster Chat

Myths and Sites: Keyword stuffedmeta tags submit and submit Waste if time Top 10 mythsDuplicate content: doesn’t punish- but does ignore itmake easy to find prefer version-help crawl efficientlybe reasonable when re-using content from other sites: MEta tag – verificationif reachable not a problem- Account/site name/domain name over submit to directories using google tools helps […]

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SEO as a Vertical Search Term

2001 vs 2008 Google Result for SEO For¬†Google’s 10th Anniversary¬†they released access to their oldest index. This allows you to search like it’s 2001. By doing a search for the verticle term “SEO” we can see many, many differences in usability, depth and intent in the Google platform. The differences are facinating! First and foremost […]

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