Lessons from the Worst Website Ever

On the 7th day, God rested, then he had a terrible nightmare, full of random colors, trolls, wedding dresses, aliens and tuxedo rentals. This is just a small sampling of Yvette’s bridal website. There are not enough words to describe the catastrophe that this website represents. Like some Frankenstein monster, this grotesque site is none […]

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More Lessons from the Worst Website Ever

Overusing Colors is a Mistake ( causing a seizure is a worse mistake) Keyword Stuffing Images -Quality-Relevance – Alt – alignment Metas- Keywords No description- Like I noted in my post about DMOZ, Google will grab a descriptive snippet if you do not provide one. Meta Content writing advice “YVETTES with an apostrophe ‘. YVETTES […]

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Twilight: Parody Pic Post

This past month, since my beautiful and talented wife has become addicted to Twilight, I have run into some excellent parody pictures and thought I’d share them! Update: Since Comic Con and the new moon trailer and footage are out I thought I’d find some fresh pieces to add to this post: Here we have […]

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Google Suggests Advertisments

Google has gone just 1 step further than it’s competitors in the world of “suggestion” to the searcher. I had previously blogged about Aaron Wall‘s tipsabout getting a “fat belly”  and targeting particular keyword terms that would be likely to be suggested by Google. Well, now they’ve taken the next step: Adwords in Google suggest. […]

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Search Blog Finds- December

Learn about Search Wiki – Google’s newest project Alister Cameron shares some sweet tweets Check out this MASSIVE list of SEO/SEM blogs!

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