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I think a lot about SEO.I'm Jeremy Rivera and I'm into SEO, PPC & Badassery. Basically I'm an internet marketing nerd. Play your cards right and I can be YOUR nerd.

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Finally A Tool To Fight Google Analytics Spam

Fighting Referral Spam in Google Analytics [Jeremy Says: I’ve been struggling with GA referral spam for a few months and...


A Breakdown of 10 SEO Site Crawl Tools

Beam Us Up • User Interface: Desktop Application • Platforms Supported: Windows, Macintosh – Uses Java – Be sure to...



  I used Piktochart, changed the file extension from .GIF to .PNG, added the text, published it and then embedded it.

Merriweather - The Original Offender

Does This Image by Buffer’s Pablo Look Pixelated to You?

I love Pablo by Buffer. But when I made this graphic for one of my client’s sites a coworker thought...

How To Implement Facebook Authorship

How To Implement Facebook Authorship

Implementing Facebook Authorship Step By Step Facebook Authorship On Wordpress Log into your Wordpress site Go to User Open User...

Paddleboarding on the Cumberland

#notjustSEO Ep.1 – Paddleboarding In Nashville

I am more than just a geek that loves to build websites and SEO campaigns. A little while ago I...

Buzz Sumo For Firesafety

Outreach For “Boring” Industries

I was recently asked to contribute to Ahref’s monster expert roundup that ended up with 90 SEO experts contributing! It’s...

Don’t Be A Robot: 3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Process

Don’t Be A Robot: 3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Process

The super talented Clark Buckner recently sat down with me and discussed SEO and ended up exploring the big 3...


Universal Analytics Can Track Sub-Domain Traffic Without Additional Modification

The documentation for Google Analytics when it comes to subdomains is subpar. That document will give you the complex way...


What I’ve Been Doing Online Recently

My Recent Online Marketing Projects I thought I’d take a quick moment on my own blog and share some of...


Not All SEO is Created Equal – WordCamp 2014 Interview

Better SEO Strategies for Small Business Owners While at WordCamp 2014 while I was still with Caddis Interactive (now I’m...

Tools of the seo trade

SEO Toolbox: BuzzSumo Author Search

So I actually clicked into the Promotion tab on Gmail this morning and saw something from James Blackwell of Buzzsumo...

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Analytics Certified? Why, Yes. I am.

I can help you audit and analyze your utilization of Google Analytics to help you understand your traffic sources, clarify your growth opportunities and create better reporting for your business or your clients.

Technical SEO Skills

I've audited dozens of sites for small HVAC companies to nationally recognized brain training software. I'll break apart what you're doing wrong with your site's architecture, content, social media & link building strategies.

#unofficial Raven Tools Consultant

I can help you get the most from this amazing set online marketing tools.