Author: jeremyrivera

Scarcity Marketing: 6 Innovative Tactics That Boost Your Sales

If it’s hard to get, it must definitely be worth something. This is what scarcity tells us.  We attach more value to things that are few in quantity. We perceive things as more desirable when there’s a chance that we can’t acquire them anymore. We tend to want things that are harder to get.   In […]

Simple, Effective Link Building

Let’s boil this down to ridiculusly simple concepts, then I’ll outline an effective process that both generates amazing, usable content for your site while also giving you allies who will be incentivized & motivated to link to your website. TLDR Make a list of parralel/related/”sibling” businesses w contact info Make up 1-3 Questions Outreach Curate […]

How To Create Worthwhile SEO Content

The reason I’m writing this post is as an example for a customer, who has great writing skills already but wants to incorporate some best practices to help that content surface for as many searches as possible to generate traffic for his business. How Do I Effectively Create Content For My Website That Will Rank? […]

Video Killed The Radio Star, But It Will Breathe Life Into Your SEO

The world is changing. We can see that everywhere we look. Even within the relatively new confines of online content consumption, the world is changing at a staggering place. The way in which we (and by we I mean the general public, including your customers) consume our media has undergone a sharp change, and as […]

So You Want To Grow Your Online Business? Here’s How It’s Done

Running a successful business is a great achievement. And these days, more and more people are doing just that thanks to the Internet boom. Getting a business up and running, and making a profit has never been easier! But what happens once you are ready to grow and develop your company so it becomes even […]

Get A Rough Estimate Of Potential SEO Traffic

In Short: Forecast SEO REVENUE Potential & Not Just Traffic Volume Don’t just blindly choose keywords based on the generic volume numbers you extract from any old SEO Tool, spend some time to estimate your potential conversions into leads, how many leads turn into sales, how much revenue gained per sale and if it’s a […]