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Unofficial Raven Tools Consultant

If Raven Tools has a fan boy, it would be me. Since I got my first free t-shirt, I’ve been hooked. Heck, I even worked for them for a while! I love Raven Tools and use them for all of my projects.

Here’s the thing: Raven Tools has hidden features and it can be VERY daunting when you’re first setting up your account. While I give MAD PROPS to their support team, it can be difficult to not be able to TALK TO SOMEONE in person.

Update! As of the end of November I am once again on the Raven team, this time as their Director of SEO & Content Marketing. If you’re stuck on how to use Raven I now have an even bigger interest in talking with you, so we can improve the toolset even more!

For example, did you know you could generate a sharable link to show external link authority metrics from Moz & Majestic SEO like this?

How Much Do The Best SEO Tools Cost

SEO Tool NameLowest Monthly CostHighest Monthly Cost
Majestic SEO$49.99$399.99
Raven Tools$99$399

What Are Raven Tools Prices?

Annual Price (billed monthly)$99$169$249$399
Monthly Price$109$199$299$479

Get Help With Raven Tools Today

That’s where I come in!

  • I can teach you about ALL of the tools
  • Let me bring some clarity to what you CAN’T do with Raven
  • I can help build your report template for your clients
  • I’ll show you how to include 3rd party data or metrics in your reports (fancy)

A Free Hour Of Raven Tools Consultation

It’s pretty simple, submit the form below, we’ll confirm a time, hop into a video chat and I will help you get the most out of your Raven Tools subscription.

BTW: Did you know you can also schedule a 1:1 demo with the Raven Tools team here?