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If Raven Tools has a fan boy, it would be me. Since I got my first free t-shirt, I’ve been hooked. Heck, I even worked for them for a while! I love Raven Tools and use them for all of my projects.
Here’s the thing: Raven Tools has hidden features and it can be VERY daunting when you’re first setting up your account. While I give MAD PROPS to their support team, it can be difficult to not be able to TALK TO SOMEONE in person.

For example, did you know you could generate a sharable link to show external link authority metrics from Moz & Majestic SEO like this?

How Much Does Raven Tools Cost

SEO Tool NameLowest Monthly CostHighest Monthly Cost
Majestic SEO$49.99$399.99
Raven Tools$99$249

Get Help With Raven Tools Today

That’s where I come in!

  • I can teach you about ALL of the tools
  • Let me bring some clarity to what you CAN’T do with Raven
  • I can help build your report template for your clients
  • I’ll show you how to include 3rd party data or metrics in your reports (fancy)

A Free Hour Of Raven Tools Consultation By Using My Affiliate Link

It’s pretty simple, if you use my link to sign up then I’ll give you an hour of free consulting time. Submit the form below, we’ll confirm a time, hop into a video chat and I will help you get the most out of your Raven Tools subscription.

By The Hour

I charge $125/hr for consulting, see more of my SEO services here.

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