Want A Nashville SEO Job? Apply To My SEO Apprentice Program

Search engine optimization is an art and a science. It’s constantly evolving, and I feel sorry for college students trying to learn this industry in a 4 year university setting because college professors just can NOT keep their curriculum up to date!

Want To Get Into SEO & Live In Nashville?

Look. I’ve got a LOT of clients and projects in all kinds of industries at various sizes and budgets. I am looking for individuals who are eager to learn, don’t have a huge ego and have a thirst for knowledge.

How can you learn SEO?

“You okay! I’ll learn SEO by watching you!”

It is 100% okay not to have any prior experience directly in SEO, but you MUST be the type of person who runs into a problem and tries to solve it through every possible means of research.

Apprenticeship? What Does That Mean?What Do I Get, What Do You Get?

I love to teach. I love to share my SEO knowledge. I also have a ton of hands-on work to implement for my clients. I’d be trading my teaching and skills for someone to help me out for 4-8 hours a week for a month. The goal would be to then either hire you as a part-time Jr. SEO at an actual livable wage or set you free to continue whatever path you want in Digital marketing (I know a LOT of agencies in Nashville who NEED Jr. skill level SEOs, so I can hook you up that way too.

Interested in a one month SEO apprenticeship? Get in touch!