Get a Cup of Coffee, And Build Your Link Profile

The internet has a myriad of different functions, and one of them is connecting like minded people and their efforts. As a real estate professional you have a reservoir of experience and knowledge that is valuable to people, and you can take advantage of that and build your client base while building your website profile.

Event Marketing for Real Estate

There are a number of different platforms out there that let people know what local events are taking place in a community. There’s, Zvents, Eventful, and more. These websites represent a double opportunity for you as a real estate agent. First, they’re an opportunity for you to offer your expertise, and setup a real estate meetup at your local coffee house or restaurant. You could potentially attract future clients or perhaps other professionals that you could exchange resources and referrals with.
Secondly, as you create online profiles on these event websites, and list your event, you can reference your website. These online pages listing a real estate event will be seen as a relevant link to your website. Additionally, when you create a profile on these sites, it will gain in validity and authority over time as you continue do plan more events. Since most of these profiles include a link to your site, you can pass that value from your profile to your website.
The best of the event idea is that even if you don’t attract anyone to join you at your local coffee shop to talk about real estate, you still get the benefit of the links to your site…and a cup of coffee too!