The Background

In high school, I was given a bobble head Alf for Christmas. He’s stuck around through the years, adorning the dash of my first car, second car, my 3rd car’s trunk, my closet, my shelf at home, then after a “suggestion” from my wife, my desk at work.  Last year, I got engaged in a contest, a rank race for Content Writing Advice and I decided that the person in the office leading the race would get to have Alf at their desk, as a physical reminder of the contest. He has now gone missing! At first I just believed he would be returned shortly… but then I received a cryptic (and encrypted) note…

The Victim

Have You Seen This Bobble Headed, Cat Eating Alien?

Have You Seen This Bobble Headed, Cat Eating Alien?

The (Presumably) Ransom Note

This is the cryptic note that appeared on my floor several days after he disappeared.


Please Help!

If you’re familiar with this particular font, can you let me know? If you’re good at cracking codes, give some tips or let me know what it says so I can save Alf!

My assumptions:

  • It’s a type of font- but not web dings, or wing dings(at least not ones that were loaded in my MS word
  • I don’t even know if I’m looking at the note upside down…
  • Most likely the word ALF was used in the note
  • The note is most likely in english, transposed into those characters…


I spent my lunch pouring over the note, and used Alf as a clue, and was able to crack the code….Others in my office are now pointing out that it was Kryptonian used for an english translation.

I have ALf if you want him back send email to alftheft gmail

I immediately grabbed the email and sent a message: I beleive it was an auto responder but it says:

I almost sold Alf on Ebay yesterday; he ate my cat and I thought you
were probably glad to be rid of him.

Your next assignment:

Which is another clue in another translated language

Now this one I recognized right away as Klingon!

Off to find a translator!

Update (1:50 Pm March 17): Looks like I’m getting some Twitter help from a twittering Klingon named Qurgh!

Qurgh the twittering Klingon!So with those clues I think it should read

About time I was thinking you did not want alf back respond with pizza

Aight, so emailing “pizza” back to alftheft… Lets see what’s next!

Ransom Update:

Well done!

I guess Alf on Ebay got you nervous?

This one will reveal the approximate location of Alf; after that you are on your own.

The final ransom note for AlfOh geez…  This one looks a bit more complicated- Post up if you have tips or suggestions, looks like I might get Alf back soon!

Update: Victory is Mine!

I got this message below shortly after Corey in my office sent me a tip that it was the Futurama Alien Language, then about 5 mintures later @shirleytipsy got finished before me and asked if it was under my desk… I looked..but it wasn’t under my desk– but the message read really strange due to being part left, part right, part upside down!

I know the third encryption is harder. It is meant to be. Are the words going up and down? Left to right? All of the above? Do words really merge like that of a crossword puzzle? That is for you to find out and for me to know; truth is, even I have a hard time reading it after I carefully crafted it.

Because this has been an absolute thriller experience for me; whoever cracks this puzzle and e-mails me what it reads, I’ll treat them out to lunch next week. Of course they have to be working at the same company or be willing to come out to Anahiem Hills during my lunch hour to cash in on the prize.

Oh and of course, this only applies if you this entire e-mail message on your blog.

I have figured out the message to be something close to

“I’m impressed with your skills.
Can Find Alf Under desk in Box.”

I did just a little hunting in our office and found my Alf stashed under the spare desk in the office, stored in a box full of random computer parts. Hooray!

Alf Returned!


I got an email from the Alf Napper, giving me a clue to their identity! This one’s tough though, it looks like it’s in all three of the alphabets that the previous clues were using! Help me solve this one too!

the identity of the Alf Napper