I came to a realization that I haven’t posted nearly as much to my blog as I have to G+ in shares, comments and posts of my own. I’ve decided to go back through my GPlus profile and create a series of blog posts of the best content and call it “Reclaimed from GPlus”.

The Brutally Honest Truth about Ghostwriting on Squawk by Demian Farnworth

Shared by AJ Kohn: A really in-depth look at ghostwriting, both offline and online and how it connects with social and SEO. I have my own opinions on the topic (which are referenced by +Demian Farnworth in this piece)…

The Duel: A fantastic use of a #gif  to create a clever cartoon of two very inaccurate duelists. Shared by Fungole.

My Daily Phrase German: Learn German by listening to it being spoken “day by day, week by week, phrase by phrase” in a lovely Scottish accent. Yes, that’s right. A Scottish rolling Scottish brogue applied to the German language is actually pretty enchanting listening!

Who’s there? Time Lord. Time Lord who? Knock Knock Knock Knock.


“Toronto-based designer Tyler Adam created a parody book cover design project called 100 Books that SHOULD be written. There are books that for one reason or another do not exist, but certainly should…”

“Over the last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time thinking about content strategy. What is it that makes people want to share? Is it humor, pop culture, wisdom or inspiration?

The answer is kind of complicated. There is no magic formula or secret sauce. The only thing you can do is be true to yourself and your brand.

In order to create something worth sharing, you need to be honest and know your audience. If the people that interact with you or your brand enjoy things on the lighter side, keep your content on the lighter side. If you know what is important to people, talk about it.

The easiest way to lose your audience is to bombard them with things that are unnatural, out of context and totally irrelevant. Don’t try to change who you or your brand are to entice your audience. The best way to engage people is to be true to your colors.

If you want to create something worth sharing, create something genuine.” –Peter Mcdermott