I was just trying out the new “Dashboard” experience for G+ pages (These screencaptures are from The Man Couch  project). Note: This one doesn’t have a connected, verified G+ local listing connected which I think seemingly is required to get an additional reporting dashboard according to Barry Wise of Knowem who said:

“I have a local listing and when you’re approved you’ll see Insights (graph of visitors), stats on people requesting driving directions, and a list of top search queries´╗┐

Same data in Insights, and I can still access the Places dashboard.  The big change is the driving directions, mine says 0 right now because it’s new, but there’s a map marker and grayed out text which says “Requests” and “Data will appear when more people search for your business”, so I assume it will list everyone who requested driving directions.

Other than that the search queries seem to be the same as those listed in Webmaster tools (except it’s for a listing, not a website), and the Insights on visitors are a bit different.  You can view visitor stats by Local Search Views, Post Views and Profile Views.´╗┐”

If you have more screen captures of a G+ dashboard with for a verified local listing, please message me and I’ll update the post with the images and give you appropriate link attribution.