What if I told you that search engine optimization wasn’t just about Google?

There are plenty of new and exciting ways in which a business owner can market their company in this ever technological world. One interesting & potentially beneficial way to do this is to build a business app. 

Think about it! That app store experience? That’s ALSO a search engine, and an opportunity to be discovered.

Now, if you’ve not considered it before, then you’re probably recoiling in fear, because it must be difficult, surely?

In fact, building an app CAN sometimes easier than you think, and it comes with bags of benefits to the company and the user, too.

Below, we take a look at some of the ways in can help a company, and also one or two rules they should follow in development.

Customer Experience

The main benefit of having a mobile is that can significantly enhance the client relationships you already have. A person might be a part-time customer of yours, but if you can convince them to download your app onto their phone, then you become much closer.

In return for being a loyal customer, you’ll be able to send through special offers and exclusive content through the app.

In effect, an app allows a company to create a direct marketing channel right into the pockets of their customers, and establish customer loyalty at the same time.

Social Media Benefits

It’s not just in the app that your company will benefit, either. You can also integrate your other channels into the platform.

They’ll be nudged towards your other online presence zones, such as your website and your social media channels. You’ll have a dedicated space on your customer’s phone, but you’ll also be building your online presence too, which in turn will give your SEO ranking a nudge in the right direction.

Figuring Out the Details

Of course, there are a few rules that you need to follow in development. For instance, you can’t just have it all your own way; you need to offer your customer real benefits to downloading your app.

When designing, always have in the back of your mind, “what’s in this for the customer?” Also, you should keep the app simple, and make sure it’s watertight: there’s nothing worse than a buggy app.

You should be using QASymphony’s qTest Explorer – they’re leaders in the field, as QASymphony’s $40 million series C funding can attest – to make sure everything’s working as it should. When it is, you can prepare to launch.


Your company app shouldn’t just be created, launched, and then forgotten. To stay on your customer’s phones, you always need to be looking at ways to improve the app and monitoring how its users are interacting with it.

If you see that one particular feature is not being used, then get rid of it. You should only have features on the app that offer real value to your business and the customer.

Standing Out

The benefits of developing and launching a company app can be extensive. Apart from solidifying your relationship with your customers, it can also help you stand out from the crowd and find new customers in the process.

If you think it might benefit your business, get to work and put it on the Apple and Android stores.