Facebook Username Error – Still need 25 Fans?

I was happy as could be when I saw the post that stated that you no longer need 25 fans to get a facebook Username for your profile or page! So I hopped over to my profile, and created a Facebook Username “AroundClaremont” for my Around Claremont project.

So then I jump on the wagon for another one of my pages that hadn’t quite yet reached 25, and while it took me through the first steps it gave me a Whoah, hold on there” error, and now it says I still need to get more fans!

Trying to put together from others who tried to make Facebook Usernames, and find a pattern. It could be limited by page Type, activity of the profile owner, # of pages, or other criteria.

Can you give all your of your less than 25 fan pages Usernames? If you can’t post a link, and it’s category maybe we can spot the trend!

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  1. I don’t think it’s related to the page type because I added a friend as admin and she was able to create a /username no problem whereas I was required to get 25 likes.

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