So you sell sell insulation for commercial buildings or perhaps you sell heaters that run off that waste oil mechanic shops accumulate…You’re not a startup, you don’t have a super photographic location or service and your clientelle is not even sure what “insta” is unless it’s the black instant coffee they’ve been drinking for the past 4 decades.

We’re Boring SO We Can’t Build Links

You just need a Shakubuku.

N. Archaic
A swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.

You have HUNDREDS of DIFFERENT opportunities for links at your email fingertips.

Practical Example: Links For A Solar Tech Company

First you should think about your nexus of business: Is your solar tech for residential or commercial?

If residential then map out ALL the parralel businesses who are marketing themselves at your same client base.

What are they writing about and how does it cross over to your industry? I.e. Home solar crosses over with home value which is something a Realtor would write about.

Look for a topic you can write a KILLER article that bridges at least one to two other professions, you can then look up the currently ranking article on that topic, see who linked to THAT and email them to see if they’ll link to your bigger better version.


I can’t stress enough that it’s ALL about thinking through your non-competing parallel businesses!

Practical Link Building Example: What if I’m The Realtor

Well if you’re a Realtor that means there are these other non-competing professionals in the same “Nexus” who also are trying to marketing themselves: Home stagers, painters, movers, mortgage guys, roofers, home inspectors, tree & landscape guys, renovation & contractors

Every “boring” niche /industryhas people providing services to the same end customer.

Once you have identified that information, then you can start bridging the gaps. Expert roundups, while trite and worn in the SEO space make for excellent link building in boring” industries.

Example: “30 Experts On How To Make Relocation Painless” – drum up 3-5 questions, send emails to those parallel peeps, and when they give their answers SEND THEM A GRAPHIC version for them to post to social or to their blog (or suggest a resource page they have) and just hint at link attribution.

Trust me. This works really well.

Heck, if you don’t want to do it, contact me and I’ll do it for you [for a reasonable rate of course ;)]

You have any unique ideas for boring industries? Share them in the comments, yo!

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