For a business trying to get off the ground, link building sounds like a nice thought, but something they could never have time to implement. Between broken link building, content marketing, and email outreach, it’s just too much to handle. It can sound impossible, but it’s not.


Today I’ll show you some of the top link building strategies in 2016, followed by an infographic from OnBlastBlog that will expand and build upon that knowledge. You’ll be an expert at this vital SEO tactic before you know it!

The Power of Link Building (Infographic)

Link building infographic

Link building has never, nor will it ever, die. It is the process of connecting your site to other sites, other readers, and other influencers. It drives everything else we do as webmasters, and it is this fundamental truth that makes it so very important. It doesn’t matter if you have a sexy, exciting product or you’re pitching steel doors, roofing or urinal dividers.

Matt Cutts, a veteran Google employee and source of SEO knowledge, once said that link building is “creativity plus sweat,” but what does that mean?

It’s all about tying your link building process into everything else you do. Your ultimate goal is to build relationships and create new and exciting pathways to your content. The more varied and natural links you have, the more PageRank and authority your website receives as well.
If you want to grow a prosperous website, then it needs links to flourish. Otherwise you’re cutting it off from the very connections it needs to grow. Knowing this, take a look at the infographic for all of today’s top link building strategies and let me know how it helped you in the comments!

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  1. I think the most important part of your post is that you must tie your link building strategy into your every day tasks in order for it to be successful. Consistency is the key in building relationships that will last and that will create new pathways to your content online.

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