From the lips of Matt Cutt himself in an interview with Wired Magazine, answering a question about what a start up web business should do right out of the gate.

“[MattCutts]: First, I would create great content. That’s a fantastic way to get a head start.”

Hail to the king baby! Content is back! SO make sure you are providing quality unique content out there kiddies! It is he most important part of your site, it’s the reason they are there in the first place 😉

“Then you need to promote it — that can be done free using webmaster tools.”

The webmaster tools suite within Google are the perfect ammunition to target your audience.

“Third, tweak snippets. [Snippets are brief descriptions of web pages that appear in certain search results.] Changing meta description tags can increase your traffic.”

The Meta Content of your site is crucial to your success because it is you “advertisement” in the search engines. Through the Adwords program, you can place your add at the top of a keyword, and depending on the popularity of that keyword you can easily burn through 800-8,000 a DAY in advertising costs! There is a whole art form to subtly changing one word or two in the tiny Pay Per click advertisements. When you “organically” rank for a keyword you get 3 to 4 times more text space to advertise! You are getting some very costly advertising space so put some thought into what you say in you “ad”!

Fourth, tweak your text. Look at existing search logs to see how people find you now. It’s the easiest way to increase your conversions. “

Once you have put your content out here, look at your statistics. Make small adjustments to your text and content. If you use Google Analytics, you can actually setup several tests to determine if one version of your page is more successful than another. Remember that nothing is perfect, and small improvements and tinkering can have a positive impact on your rankings.

Thanks for the tips Matt Cutts!