Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to boost your brand visibility, it’s a great long-term investment with traffic potentially arriving for a long time after you’ve made the neccesary things to grow. With an effective SEO campaign, you also enhance productivity in your business. Even so, the internet is becoming a highly competitive platform by the day.

For this reason, you really do need to monitor and track your keywords in some way to understand the real effectiveness of your SEO campaign. This can be done by tracking your keywords and URLs on your website. [You also should take the time to track the performance of your competitors so you can keep ahead of their game!]

Tracking your keywords allows you to identify your website strengths and areas in your campaign that are underperforming. Today, there are amazing and effective tracking tools that enable you to track your keywords.

SERP Rank Tracker by Raven Tools is just one of the many reliable rank tracking tools you can use. This piece offers useful tips to help you track your keyword listing position effectively with Raven.

Get flexible SERP Tracking across multiple engines, zip codes & devices for the best price per keyword tracked!

Tips to effectively use Raven’s rank tracker

Choose how many keywords you want to track

Raven has a simple metric, a Rank Position Check(RPC), representing one check of a serp for a domain in one search engine, at one zip code, on one device type. You can track a keyword for as little as $0.006 per RPC month. The price increases as the number of the URLs or domain combinations increase. Obviously you need to assess your tracking needs and the size of your business.

Take advantage of daily notifications and updates

Keyword tracking should happen regularly, even more on daily basis to help you manage your SEO campaign. In this light, take advantage of the flexibility of creating daily marketing reports that include not just your SERP rankings, but also your overall organic traffic changes & many other digital marketing metrics like call tracking by Callrail.

  • Search engine rankings
  • Backlinks from Majestic
  • Search console data
  • Social media metrics
  • Call tracking metric
  • Paid ad performance. 

From these updates, you will effectively monitor the performance of your keywords. However, this doesn’t mean that you change your campaign on daily basis. Change is progressive and you need to be sure of the URLs and keywords that are affecting your ranking. Take note of the changes and work towards designing an SEO campaign that will serve your business for long.

Keeping track of search engine ranking changes? This can be up or down. Pretty important to know if you’re an expert in SEO or a newbie. Armed with the right metrics, you can design a campaign that helps you to grow your business and achieve a cutting edge against your actual  competitors.

Engage with clients

Client interaction is very important in the world of SEO as a service. Raven helps you to get a good and factual report that you can share with clients. This can be done through live results of keyword performance in any category that is relevant to the clients. This gives your target audience an opportunity to also track your keywords whenever they deem relevant.

A point to note is that client interaction allows you to build solid relationships. It builds client loyalty and in the end, it boosts your growth. What’s more, it becomes easy running a business with clients who trust your operations hence, increased productivity.

Generate regular reports

As you track your keyword ranking, it is wise that you generate regular reports for your clients as well. There are different formats that Raven offers including a PDF and Excel format. In this regard, generate regular reports say, on a day 1 to day 30 frequency.

What’s more, the reports are automated. As a result, it becomes easy to share it with your clients. 

Google analytics and charts

Depending on your needs and personal preferences, you can compare data using charts. Raven is incredible keyword tracker that offers great competitor comparison of your keyword ranking positions. It also has the ability to determine how your SEO campaign performs on different devices, search engines and zip codes for local SEO.