No matter how digital and technologically advanced business gets, human beings will always remain bound by their fundamental traits. One of them, is the psychological aspect that the concept of trust challenges us with. Trust comes in different forms but when it comes to consumers and companies, think of it as the bridge. It has to be constructed out of solid materials. The design has to be sound, so that it will last a long time. It will take a long time to build the bridge hence why it is so precious. However, getting customers to walk over the bridge is the final frontier for businesses. What makes you trust someone? Is it the way they dress, what they say, the amount of time you have spent in their company, or is it their knowledge? In truth, aesthetics are the first thing you notice but the first thing to lose power. Knowledge is what makes us trust someone, intellect and effective communication. Once someone has your respect due to their knowledge, they are seen as a figure of authority. The exact same can be done in business.

Beyond the surface

Businesses have previously thought that keeping their language simple, so customers can understand on a larger scale, would be the best way to secure the most sales. This is not so in the modern era of consumer culture. Now, we aren’t just in the information age anymore, we’re in the informed age. Everyone has knowledge at their fingertips, because with just a quick search they can know complex details about systems, apps, products, services and just about anything. So when you do write a blog or make a video for your business, do not refrain from using industry jargon. Go beyond the surface explanation, and technically explore and teach customers what your products are all about.

Customize your content

You have probably already seen and heard of testimonials. It's a simple enough concept that can be furthered. It's essentially using real-life examples of where your products can or have been useful. Customers can make a testimonial video or small description showcasing their experience with your business which you can put up on your website as ‘proof’ that you are as good as you say you are. However, with a company that has professional SEO services, you can also make case studies. This is basically customized content that explores the real-world applications of your products and or services. Where there is a problem, and how you can fix it, as well as a knowledgeable look at performance gaps in the market, your business can fit into the keyhole where others could not.

Make a speech

Should consumers consider Apple and Microsoft leaders in their respective industries because they sell the most units? That’s arguably one of the most important aspects, but they each have conferences and speeches each year that delve into what the future could hold and where technology is heading. This is the second part of the puzzle, you need to make speeches that tackle interesting questions and then interject how your products are challenging those questions.

The more consumers can trust what you’re saying and acknowledge your knowledge in your industry, the more consumers will flock to your business and see you as a figure of authority, who they can trust.