Don’t Be A Robot: 3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Process

The super talented Clark Buckner recently sat down with me and discussed SEO and ended up exploring the big 3 challenges SEOs are facing based off my own experience. Below are the key take aways and important excepts from the recording, I hope they’re helpful to you.

You have a choice to evolve. You have a choice to move forward or you can keep doing what you were paid to do and just be a machine

Key Take Aways

  • Keep Track of Your Process – Understand where your time is being wasted/spent well.
  • Use Tools – Basecamp, Trello, and Leankit are all great tools that I am concurrently using for different projects.
  • Remember that Google is good when you know what you need. It’s bad when you don’t know what your problems are in your workflow.

Knowing Yourself Is Key To Your SEO Career

You need to know yourself. You must know your specialty. It used to be a the first problem for Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing was that the client expected like too much of one thing.

They would come to you and they would expect, “Oh, I’m going to rank number 1 for every single keyword.” That was the one thing that they came to us for. And we said “No, we’re more than that.” And so, we tacked on social media and then we tacked on outreach, and we tacked on PR and we tacked on analytics.

We tacked on all of these things on to the base idea of a person who optimizes online and to these for search engines to discover businesses.

I heard you do SEO
I heard you do SEO

We kind of took that persona and said “Oh well, you got this battle pack on your armor, now you’ve got a rocket launcher and let’s add a machine gun.” But the reality is that if fire all your weapons at once, you’re not going to hit anything.

So as you go through your workflow with each client, kind of create a section at the end of that new client of “What did I learn…”

You need to sit down and take some time to ask “What did I do right? But more importantly, what did I do wrong”

Because you’re human, you learn things and pick up bad habits and good habits and you have a choice. You have a choice to evolve, you have a choice to move forward or you can keep just doing what you were paid to do and just be a machine.

I am Not A Robot

If you’re one, then contribute something to this discussion with the “comments” section below. **I already have enough robots contributing, but they’re surprisingly conversant about very HUMAN problems…

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