As a digitally savvy entrepreneur, you understand the importance of branding. You know that a brand is more than just a pretty logo, a clever slogan or a slick soundbite. It’s a statement of intent. It’s directly tied into your mission statement and is woven into the fabric of your products, your services, your online presence and everything that you and your employees say and do. But while your knowledge of effective branding is formidable, you still bang your head against a wall when it comes to getting your brand in front of the right sets of eyes.

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Here are some common barriers to brand visibility for new businesses and how to overcome them…

Lack of targeted marketing

Gone are the days when a “spray and pray” approach was the best way to reach your audience. In an age where consumers have so many brands vying for their attention they’ve erected psychological filters that will tune out anything that’s not relevant to them. The net result of this could mean a fortune wasted on marketing material that falls on deaf ears and blind eyes.

It’s essential that you generate customer profiles to determine exactly who you want to market to and tailor your approach accordingly. Make it your business to know what they want and give them a little something for free to get them on board. A white paper or ebook is a great way to give your target market that all important something for nothing while also establishing yourself as an authority in your chosen field.

Lack of mobile responsiveness

In an age where most people now make purchases and consume content through mobile devices, failing to be responsive can seriously inhibit your brand visibility. It’s vital that your online presence is well optimized for mobile devices and that mobile users can get quick access to your content. A page load time of just 7 seconds can increase your bounce rate by over 30%.

Whatever the nature of your business, you will likely benefit from having your very own app. It’s easier and more affordable than ever to find an app developer and could ensure that your services are that much more accessible to your desired market. Even a presence on the app store could ensure that your brand is exposed to millions of people on a daily basis.

Inferior content marketing

Lots of entrepreneurs use content marketing to give their online presence an organic SEO boost and give their target market a reason to check in with them regularly. Nonetheless, you must never fall into the trap of sacrificing quality for quantity. Poor quality outsourced content from overseas content farms not only damages your brand’s reputation it will also have low scroll depths, high bounce rates and other red flags for search engine crawlers.

Reliance on the wrong platforms

Finally, it’s important to ensure that with so many social media platforms out there, your social campaigns are delivered on the right platforms for your target market. Younger consumers, for example, are no longer as active on facebook as they once were, flocking instead to more visually led platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Get your content in front of the right sets of eyes, and your brand will flourish.