Avoiding Blog Traffic Obsessions

No One Loves Your Website

Do you have a web traffic obsession? If you own a website, the answer is probably yes. It’s a common issue nowadays, everyone is so obsessed with gaining as much traffic as possible – it takes over their lives.

The problem is, it’s a justifiable obsession in some ways. After all, being obsessed with web traffic means you’re trying to get more people to view your site. What’s wrong with that? There’s nothing strictly wrong with wanting more web traffic, the problem is that some people take things too far. When you only focus on getting as much traffic as possible, you tend to forget about other elements that could help your website improve.

Speaking of which, here are the dangers of having a web traffic obsession:

You’re Not Thinking About Conversion Rates

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“Money please!”

For me, conversion rates are a more important obsession than traffic on its own. A conversion rate looks at how many people visit your site and go on to interact with it in a meaningful way.

How many people visit your website and then register their email address to sign up for a newsletter? How many visit your site and buy a product from your store? If you only care about traffic, you could have lots of people visiting your site but a tiny percentage doing something meaningful. This makes your website ineffective, and you need to focus on designing landing pages to help boost conversion rates and get more out of your site.

You Don’t Focus On Targeted Traffic

Another big issue I have with the web traffic obsession is that people don’t care about the traffic they get. All they want is to see the numbers go up, even if they mean nothing at all.

Talk to any SEO agency which gets results, and they’ll say the secret to success is targeted web traffic. You want people visiting your site that actually care about the contents. This is how you get them to stay on your site for as long as possible.

Otherwise, you end up with impressive traffic figures, but an outrageous bounce rate. Don’t be obsessed with gaining as much traffic as possible, be obsessed with gaining targeted traffic.

You Waste Money On Needless Things

Finally, we have the issue of money and your traffic obsession. When you’re obsessed with traffic, you’ll do anything to see an improvement. As such, you could spend money on things and ideas that just aren’t needed. The main thing that comes to mind is buying backlinks. A lot of people try and buy backlinks to improve their SEO and see an increase in traffic.

Needless to say, this isn’t the right way to generate backlinks, and it could damage your site. But, it’s just a waste of money, you don’t have to do this. There are plenty of other things people spend money on to try and boost their traffic figures when there are other – more affordable – options out there.

To sum up, I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about web traffic. All I’m saying is it’s dangerous to have an obsession with your numbers. Instead, think about conversion rates, think about targeted traffic. Don’t just focus on gaining as much traffic as possible, it won’t make your website any better.  

4 Replies to “Avoiding Blog Traffic Obsessions”

    1. Ugh, clients who meticulously watch rankings and want immediate answers for one or two position changes are the worst.

      You HAVE to take a bigger picture approach over a longer time frame to see meaningful changes and trends.

  1. Hi Jeremy! you are 100% right on this one. When I first started as a blogger, all I wanted was traffic. That was understandable, because I thought that the more people visit my blog, the more money I can make. Turns out, I got a lot of views, and no result to show for it. That’s when I started reading more about this and realized the power of SEO and effective content marketing. Now, I don’t worry as much about traffic numbers (it’s still important to look at those), but I always check their conversion rates. Same thing goes for email subscribers. It’s not entirely about the number of subscribers, but how many take action. That’s where the real money is. Thanks again for such good content!

    1. You’ve restored my faith in comments. I seriously just deleted 24 various blog spam comments and you’ve obviously read the post and have something USEFUL to add. Thanks!

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