Google Webmaster Chat – Google opens up

Thoughts on the strength of DMOZ? If you can get a DMOZ link it’s helpful, but there’s no special “DMOZ boost” or anything like that. – Matt Cutts Google’s Webmaster chat is a blitz of information from Google. The web ex interface is displaying different demonstrations, while the Question and Answer section is wit with […]

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Yahoo’s Secret Weapon

Yahoo’s Secret Weapon Originally uploaded by contentwritingadvice Yahoo! is using every possible weapon available to keep it’s independance from Microsoft. Recently, at their Search Monkey Development Party they launched a new offensive with a NEW STRATEGY!!! BEER! I personally commend Yahoo! on their innovation…now if they could just vend them to me when I search […]

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Content Writing Advice Article #1

Back to basics: It’s been a while since I went back to the fundamentals on my blog and talked about certain principles of content writing that I find to be fundamental advice for every site builder to follow. Be Centered: Kung Fu is about finding your center…I just have very large center- Sammo Hung Like […]

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SES New York

 SES Conference Coverage March 2008 The Search Engine Strategies conference in New York was a blast. I will be posting up detailed analysis from the panels that I attended, and share the responses to the questions I asked during the Q & A portions of the conference.  Topics Covered by SES New York  There was […]

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