SEO Prayer

All hail Google, who art in the cloud,Blessed be thy name,thy page rank come,on my site as it is on Dmoz,give us this day our daily link juice,Forgive us our spam tactics,as we forgive those who google bomb us,lead us not into link buying temptation,but deliver us from link farms.For thine is the algorithm, and […]

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Rising SEO Personality Survives Car Accident

Zak Nicola, a rising SEO personality known for his “Nice Smile” was involved yesterday in a car accident¬†that totalled his car, and left him temporariliy in the hospital. I am glad to say though that he is such a Social addict that he’s back on twitter while he’s recovering. ūüėČ Here’s some asian car humor […]

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Google Buddy – The future of search

Today’s post from Google’s blog by Marissa Mayer, VP of their search products and¬†User Experience team¬†about the future of search¬†offers us some tidbits of information and a view into what Google thinks search should become in the future.¬† Marissa begins by talking about some basic questions she had today that could have been answered by […]

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Ronk Checker on the Fritz

The Ronk checker, which is usually a very reliable and useful tool is currently not able to pull any results from Google. I have tried from several computers and had other freinds of mine also make the attempt. After some searching, it seems that Googles recent updates, including their addition of Google Suggest to the […]

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Youtube users are not poor teenagers

YouTube Video Audience has deep Pockets If you thought that video websites were only visited by bored, disillusioned youths in America, then the recent 2008 stats from Youtube should open your eyes! The virtual audience actually has the highest percentage of users making an annual income of $50,000 – $74,999 annually, with 27 %. Even […]

Treat Pictures like Visual Content

Don’t let your Images become a messy pile Utilizing Images to Enhance your website content There are many different types of content that people could be looking for online. People looking for the same subject are often going to be searching differently if they want to see different types of site content. With Google’s Universal […]

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Vintage handmade Envelope

Vintage handmade Envelope Originally uploaded by contentwritingadvice I know this is a bit off topic, but my fiance made these handmade hand crafted envelopes from old books. I was so impressed I just had to post about it!Here’s here etsy store for more handcrafted envelopes

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