Small Business Owners: A Guide To Ticking Problematic Items Off Your To-Do List


Upgrading the office computer software.

Increasing your business’ social media presence.

Going through all paperwork and making digital copies.

The above three chores are the kind of tasks that tend to sit on a small business owner’s to-do list for months, if not years, on end. You may have experienced similar issues: you know the task is important, and you know you should do it… but you never quite get around to actioning the solution.

If the above sounds familiar to your experience, then it may feel like these problematic tasks will languish on your to-do list forever, an example of a great intention that never quite reached its promise – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Not when you realise that every stubborn task on your to-do list can be ticked off with just three simple steps…

STEP ONE: Use phases

Sometimes, stubborn to-do list entries are difficult to achieve as they do not have a definitive end point – they are more concepts, overall approaches than a self-contained entity. For example, if your task is to ‘increase social media presence’, how can you ever really declare this finished? It’s a constant process that will need continual refinement.

To manage this, introduce phases for each task. If you’re seeking to increase your social media presence, you could say that ten guest blog posts must have been completed and submitted in one month’s time. By breaking a large, nebulous task into phases, they become more manageable. You may never be able to fully tick the overall task off your to-do list absolutely, but you can tick off each distinct phase.

STEP TWO: Block off time

If you are going to complete this task (or phase of the task), you will need time to dedicate to achieving it. Pick a date a few weeks in the future, then diarize as much time as possible to solely dedicate yourself to resolving the issue. With a clear schedule, you should be able to make decisions regarding the resolution of the task/phase and fully focus on ensuring it is completed to your satisfaction.

STEP THREE: Get the help you need

One of the main reasons that tasks tend to linger on a to-do list is that they are not easily achieved. Reminding yourself to change the office coffee filter is easy; you can tick that off in a few minutes and move on with your day. However, more complex to-do list items like building a social media presence for your company or upgrading your IT software are far more time-consuming, which tends to mean they are left in situ on your to-do list for months on end.

This problem is best addressed by obtaining the help you need to resolve the issue once and for all. This could mean asking an employee for help; outsourcing to a specialist agency who can assist you with online computers support and consulting solutions as needed, or hiring a marketing executive – essentially, do whatever it takes to address the issue head-on.

In conclusion


If you have added a task to your to-do list, then it’s fair to assume that it’s important, and something that will benefit your business. Rather than allowing it to sit, untouched and incomplete, address the matter once and for all by going through the three steps designed above. Good luck!

Next Level Online Business

When you created your online business you didn’t realize how up and coming the digital world would become; keeping up with the latest trends has become taxing and time consuming to say the least. Growing your online business into a more profitable, smooth and creative entity is going to take much more than a slick website and a cool niche idea. Nowadays companies are capitalizing on a whole host of online wonders that are bound to take their ideas to the next level. In the modern world you can never fall behind when it comes to promoting and selling your products and services online, because there will always be someone else who has thought of the same idea. The trick is to implement better strategies and make your business stand out from its competitors. There are many ways in which you can do this, but it is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part. Trying out new currencies, updating your SEO strategies and taking social media by storm are just a handful of techniques to try out sooner rather than later. Take a look at the following tactics and see if your business might benefit from them in some way. There is no one size fits all strategy that will skyrocket your business to success, but these ideas are bound to help your company grow and flourish in certain ways.

Quick and Clever Currencies

An unprecedented number of people are turning to Cryptocurrency as their preferred method of payment. You could be broadening your business audience by adopting this type of payment process into your online business. Companies such as Filthy Lucre will be able to tell you more how to implement it into the day to day running of your business and the best type of network and platform to use for your particular business type. Offering this kind of innovative payment transfer is bound to bring your online business more up to date with the modern day trends.


Super Smart SEO

It is true that every single entrepreneur who runs an online business is inundated with information about SEO or search engine optimization. What should you believe? How many of these techniques should you be using? The truth is that it takes a long time to master and will be unique to your business as an individual. Thorough and regular research will give you the insight you need to tailor your keywords online and within advertisements so that you are targeting the correct people who are browsing online for a product or service within your industry.

Website Wonders

Having an eye-catching and satisfying website to look at is only part of having a good business. Making sure your website runs smoothly is a whole new ball game to keep exploring. If your loading times are too long or you have glitches on your checkout page, it is likely that customers will click off your site completely and start to look elsewhere. Use a reputable online source to check the loading speeds of each of your webpages and try to keep your imagery as compact as possible; large images are very likely to slow your site right down.

Brainy Business Blogging

Another SEO friendly way of boosting your business ranking on search engines is by creating a blog for your business page. Simply create a new tab on your website and upload regular, relevant content for your target audience to read. Choose topics that are going to spark interest and discussion. The more traction you get on your blog posts the higher your website will rank on Google and Bing searches. If you are finding it difficult to think of relevant topics to talk about, then why not ask a guest blogger to contribute to your site? This will not only give them free exposure, but it will also do a lot of the hard work for you.


Awesomely Amazing Ads

Online advertising is one of the key ways in which you are going to reach your target demographic and sell your products and services. Having finely tuned SEO strategies, innovative blog posts and excellent product ideas isn’t always enough to make a successful business. You need people to know who your company is and be able to talk about it with their friends. One amazing way to reach a very specific audience is by targeted Facebook advertisements and pay per click campaigns. There are many advanced settings that will allow you to reach people of a certain age, location, occupation, salary, gender and even hobbies or interests. This type of laser focused marketing is one of the most successful ways to get your business name out there and reach people who are going to be truly interested in your business.

Savvy Social Media

If you haven’t already got several active social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram then you are truly missing an online trick. There is so much money to be made from social media as its popularity is skyrocketing on a daily basis. Come up with a workable social media strategy that will help you to increase your followers, engage with your target market and sell your services effectively. Use social media scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to plan out your posts, so that you are always on top of your social media accounts.

Whether you can see your business converting to cryptocurrency or you are becoming a huge fan of business blogging, you should consider trying out all of these strategies at least once. You might find that some ideas will never be useful to your business and others might just be the golden ticket to your goals. You never know until you try, so don’t discount any of these ideas until you have implemented them into your day to day operation. From smarter SEO tactics to savvier social media usage, you have the power to conquer the online world and capitalize on new strategies right away.

Send Users All Atwitter With Your Business Site

If you are interested in improving your ranking online, you need to think about the power of your brand and how much interest you’re getting on sources like social media. Don’t forget, the more content from your site is shared, the more likely it is that your rank will rise dramatically. But how do you do this, how you get the interest that you deserve with your business site? Well, there are a few possibilities to consider here with everything from viral marketing to promotions to making sure that your site looks incredible. Let’s look at some of the best and brightest options.

Pic Source

Go Live

One option would be to go live either on your site or through social media. That will certainly get people talking because it’s a way that you can interact directly with your followers and customers. They can ask questions and you can provide the answers or solutions that they have been searching for. Instagram live is a particularly attractive option because you can actually video call with a follower. By doing this, you can put the spotlight on a user and make sure that they feel completely connected to your business. If you use this feature through Instagram, it will notify followers when you are live to make sure you have a nice, active group to interact with. Do make sure that you use a great video switcher to guarantee you have the best live quality. A blurry video isn’t going to do anything for your business.

Interactive Landing Page

You might also want to think about using an interactive landing page on your business website. With an interactive landing page, you can make your site more interesting and exciting for users. To do this, you’ll need to make sure that you are investing in a web design service. The right web design service will ensure that your website looks absolutely fantastic and has plenty of cool features. This is a great way to boost the amount of time customers spend on your site, and that, in turn, will lead to a higher ranking for your business.

Invest In Infographics

You can also think about building an infographic out of content for your business website. An infographic is a great tool because it will allow you to simplify content and make it easy to digest. This can be shared online through other businesses or across social profiles by followers. This is definitely going to impact your ranking. Alternatively, if you don’t have the skills or budget to create an infographic, sharing an existing one may have a similar impact.

Deals, Deals, Deals

Lastly, if you want to build a buzz online, you can always think about setting up a deal or promotion. That’s sure to get attention as people scramble to get in on the action. It also helps users feel special and more connected to your business because you can market deals like this directly to them through email marketing. They will then spread the word for you, boosting the reach of a promotion like this.

Is Image SEO Relevant To Your Online Business?

Is Image SEO Relevant To Your Online Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a vital part of establishing and maintaining a website that fully delivers on its potential — as such, it demands attention from the earliest planning stages to the very last update rolled out before a website shuts down.

But SEO is a big consideration with a lot of moving parts, and some elements are more pressing than others. For instance, technical SEO ensures that your website can be seen by search engines in the first place, which earns it top place in the list of priorities. Following that, on-page SEO keeps a page performing well enough for engines like Google to rank it highly.

And then there’s image SEO, an area often overlooked entirely. Sometimes this is because people think it doesn’t matter, and other times it’s because they simply don’t understand it — but does it warrant your attention? What does it involve, and is it even relevant to your online business? That’s what we’re about to consider.

The value of optimized imagery

High-quality content suitable for today’s digital world is multi-faceted, multi-platform, and highly varied in its structural elements. Almost every article needs a featured image, for instance, and every step-by-step guide can benefit from the inclusion of appropriate screenshots.

When you search for written content online, you’re unlikely to be presented with images — but it can happen through featured snippets from Google’s Knowledge Graph, a gigantic repository of indexed data that can figure out what you’re looking for and provide you with a relevant chunk of rich data. As you’d expect, the images features invariably meet a solid SEO standard.

And once you reach a search result, the images directly affect what you make of your findings. If you see an image that matches the content you expect, you’ll feel reassured, but if you see a lead image of a frog when you searched for a tutorial on how to repair a window, you’ll assume you’re in the wrong place and back out. You’ll also be reluctant if the image is relevant but poor — if the tutorial creator couldn’t provide a decent image, can you trust them to have produced worthwhile content?

If you see that a particular website consistently includes images of exceptional quality, it will have a knock-on effect on how you perceive the business in general, which will motivate you to spend more time on the site and raise its on-page SEO metrics in the process.

Image elements that factor into SEO

As we’ve seen, images can affect SEO through contributing to user engagement metrics, but they also contribute through being directly accessible to search crawlers. An image SEO strategy should encompass all of the following elements:

  • Relevancy. The more clearly an image is considered to be relevant by users and/or search crawlers, the more effective it will be for attracting traffic and improving rankings.
  • Quality. This applies both to the technical quality of an image (i.e. how pixelated it is) and the artistic quality (how good the composition is, how well it suits the context, etc.). The more the image stands out, the more appealing it will be to searchers.
  • File size. A large file will typically be higher-quality, but will affect page loading speed. The appropriate balance should be determined by considering the priorities of the page.
  • Dimensions. Search engines prefer images that fit aspect ratios such as 4:3 or 16:9 because they fit neatly into standard content structures, and prefer higher-resolution images because they look better on high-end screens and smartphones.
  • File name. Having an image file called IMG0758.jpg won’t be very informative, so rename it to reflect the nature of the image (the featured image above is named image-seo.png, for instance, but it could be magnifying-glass-on-green-background.png for some added detail).
  • Alt text. This text describes what the image contains, and is used when the image cannot be displayed (or when the user is sight-impaired).

If you polish all of these factors to a great standard, you’ll have done essentially everything that can typically be expected from an SEO-focussed standpoint. Any improvements beyond that will be restricted to the quality factor, as it will always be possible to produce better images — the limiting factor there being that top-end photography demands expensive equipment, extraordinary patience, and exceptional skill.

Is image SEO worthwhile in your case?

So with the value and nature of image SEO established, how can you tell if it’s worth pursuing for your business? It’s fairly simple: do you sell products, or offer services that can be illustrated, or use images at all on your business website? If so, then image SEO is very much relevant, and something you should take the time to address.

The reasoning is very simple. If you do lean heavily on images for your content, then it’s clearly an important part of your overall value proposition and thus worth investing some time in. If you don’t lean heavily on images and only include them on occasion, then it won’t take all that much work to make some basic SEO tweaks.

A lot of the basics may already have been covered for you through your CMS. Standardized hosted website builders typically have native systems for ensuring that uploaded images are suitably formatted for SEO best practices (and if you used a simple-setup ecommerce storefront to build an online store, you’ll likely be able to find an add-on to make alt text configuration significantly easier).

Whether you use some automated assistance to tackle a large quantity of product images, or take a manual look at a small number of images for a non-ecommerce business website, a solid image SEO review shouldn’t take longer than a day — and if your business model can’t accommodate one day spent on optimization, then you have much greater problems to address!

Is image SEO relevant to your online business? If you have any images at all, the answer is a definitive ‘yes’. Image SEO is relevant to each and every online business with illustration of some kind, and the more your images factor into your brand identity, the more time you should find to spend on polishing them for search traffic.

Victoria GreeneVictoria Greene is an ecommerce marketing expert and freelance writer who loves getting stuck into a Photoshop project. You can read more of her work at her blog Victoria Ecommerce.

Video Killed The Radio Star, But It Will Breathe Life Into Your SEO

The world is changing. We can see that everywhere we look. Even within the relatively new confines of online content consumption, the world is changing at a staggering place. The way in which we (and by we I mean the general public, including your customers) consume our media has undergone a sharp change, and as a business it behoves you to rise to meet them.

There was a time when blog posts were all you needed. They were a great way to not only give your SEO a little organic boost, but they also helped to give your brand a voice. They imbued your business with a sense of personality that made it all the more appealing.

They also established you, the face of the business, as a reputable and knowledgeable leader; someone who knows their onions and can be trusted with their ongoing custom.

But the times have changed, and it seems as though the busier we get, the less time we have for long form content. We know for a fact that people are consuming more media on the go through their smartphones and mobile devices than at static computers.

They’re catching their hit of content in tiny bite sized chunk on the train to work or on their coffee break.

This means that video is the best way to reach customers in 2018 and is fast becoming one of the fastest growing digital marketing trends of 2018. Thus, it’s necessary for you to make sure that your outsourced IT support provider has the facilities for you to make, edit and upload video content without clogging your business’ bandwidth. Here’s why…

Video is efficient

A gifted writer can hook and engage readers, sure. They can weave data seamlessly into prose and get information across to a reader artfully… Absolutely. But video is simply a more efficient form of communication.

A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Video can get dense information across quickly in an easily digestible format.

When you’re trying to reach busy decision makers who don’t have the time to read through larges chunks of text, video is the way to go.

Video is sharable

The beauty of video content is that not only is it easy to consume, it’s easy to share on social media platforms. There’s also evidence to suggest that video posts on social media get more engagement than long form written content. They garger more likes, more shares and more comments. This in turn means

Video performance metrics are easy to understand and actionable

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows that keeping a close eye on your metrics is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. The great thing about video metrics is that they are transparent, easy to interpret and easy to action.

Shares, comments and clicks speak for themselves but you can also calculate an average of how long users remain engaged with the video for. It can help you to identify if a video is too long or that a particular element of your video isn’t working for audiences if they switch off at a certain point.

Video may have killed the radio star, but there’s no reason why it can’t breathe new life into your SEO.

Four Biggest Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 So Far

The world of digital marketing moves at a furious pace. The nature of the medium means that things are constantly evolving, and keeping up to date with customer expectations and new ways to reach your market can become a full time job.

As running a business in today’s competitive environment depends on establishing and maintaining a great connection with your customers, it’s important to understand the ways in which they want to keep up with your company.

With half of 2018 gone, what are the major trends in the world of digital marketing and how can your company use them?

Video Is A Winning, Multi-value Tool

If you had any doubt about this, here’s a metric that may convince you – by 2020, 80% of all web activity will be video content. Whichever social channels you favour there is nothing more attention-grabbing or better for forming a connection with your audience.

This content is eagerly consumed – viewers on YouTube now watch a billion hours of video every single day! And with a huge variety of applicable formats, from the humble vlog, to 360 virtual tours to live streams, there’s so much opportunity to find a format that works perfectly for the messaging you are trying to communicate.

If your business still doesn’t have a digital content strategy, you definitely need one. Hunt out specialist agencies such as MicroD to help you plan your approach, as this trend is going nowhere.

Getting Cosy With Influencers

Social influencers are a direct medium into the audience that you want to speak to – and one work credibility. As competition for top influencers is currently fierce, you may want to try looking for more micro-influencers – ones with smaller followings, but higher engagement within a particular niche or specialism.

Not only are you more likely to be able to establish a working partnership that genuinely benefits both of you, but you’ll be operating with authenticity.

Customers can easily detect deals that are too commercial or not genuine, and they backfire. So work on targeting the most relevant individuals for you.

Well Trained Chatbots Go Mainstream

2018 is the year of the chatbot when it comes to web support. You may be thinking of previous, negative experiences with clunky AI, but that’s a thing of the past as the technology has rapidly improved.

More and more brands are not only using them to provide fast and reliable customer service, but increasingly as a marketing channel as well.

The stats show that Millennials are comfortably interacting with these bots to find what they need with ease, so it should be a solution your company looks to adopt if you haven’t already.

Data Protection

With our personal data becoming more valuable than ever, today’s consumer is hyper aware of what we are collecting and why. The introduction of GDPR legislation in Europe back in May has shone a global focus on the rights of consumers when it comes to how companies collect and use their personal information.

And these laws which require express opt-ins and the customer to be informed about what their data will be used for apply to companies outside of the EU interacting with EU citizen too.

With big financial penalties in place to give the ruling teeth, if you don’t have a robust data policy, now is the time. You also have to watch out when GDPR crosses swords with established marketing practices, you might end up losing your Analytics data.

4 Ways Your Small Business Is Losing Customers Due To a Terrible Website

No matter what kind of small business you have, its website is likely the top way people find out about it. Because the internet already has a strong presence around the world and it’s rapidly growing, individuals are accustomed to simply navigating to a search engine, typing in desired keywords, and waiting a few seconds for results. That said, if your website isn’t well made or doesn’t serve its purpose, it may push customers away instead of making them want to learn more.

Visitors May Think It’s Too Hard to Find What They Need

The reason many people find out about businesses online instead of through other methods is they crave convenience. Rather than calling a customer service number and potentially waiting several minutes or more to speak to a representative and inquire whether or not a product is in stock, today’s internet users can simply type in the names of the items they want and confirm almost instantly that they’re available for purchase.

However, if it takes longer than that for users to check availability or the keywords they’re using don’t pull up the correct products, they’ll become frustrated and may leave your website for good.

Failing to Cater to Customers With Mobile Devices

If you don’t at least have plans to make your website a mobile-friendly destination in the very near future, you’re missing out. According to recent statistics, more people access the internet on smartphones and tablets than computers.

When users discover your entire site doesn’t load on their devices or that portions of it are not set up for mobile users, they might get the impression your content is behind the times. Having that kind of incompatible website is especially bad for your reputation if you’re involved in a technology business because the outdated website doesn’t fit with your image.

Users Only Find Old Information

Maybe having current website content is not a priority and it’s been months since you last put a new product, blog post, or section online. Ideally, you need to exert significantly more effort than that, because extremely old content sends the message to users that perhaps you don’t often deal with online customers.

Some may even think your company went out of business and decide to take their patronage to another site. Get on a regular schedule of website updates to ensure people see the most relevant content possible.

People Become Fed Up By Poor Overall Functionality

Broken links, clunky drop-down menus, and slow-loading images are just some of the many problems that may make people steer clear of your website and not return to it.

That’s why it’s smart to work with a business that offers reasonably priced small business website design services instead of trying to take care of the web development side of things on your own despite not having adequate experience in the field.

Check out this perfect example of excellent marketing gone to waste due to a terrible website. #1 on Reddit, 35k+ upvotes and thousands of people looking at this Aquadam…but check out this website!


Look at the way it’s being ripped to shreds as people rightfully bash it’s terrible design and lack of function! Imaging how many people WON’T be truly considering ordering from them because they may feel that a site that terrible will have terrible delivery or product. What a waste!

Don’t be that business.

Now that you’ve learned about these four things that could be negatively impacting the popularity of your small business website, it’ll be easier to take prompt action. Doing that is crucial since the undesirable factors above won’t resolve themselves.

The Rising Reputation Risks For Online Medical Businesses

E-commerce sites are popular for one key reason: All you need is a click to complete your purchase. It’s never been as easy to buy online – and consequently to sell online too.

However as digital businesses are taking over the market, new industries are joining the world wide web.

The medical sector, for instance, has been launching facetime alternatives with certified doctors to gain time, online prescriptions and even online pharmacies and dispensary.

In other words, while it would be exaggerated to assume that you can click your way to health recovery, it’s fair to say that health is going digital. However, it isn’t without risk on the reputation of your medical business.

The medical industry and digital marketing are crossing over.

Lack of Content Expertise Can Hurt Your Online Reputation

Ultimately, when pharmacies and medical plants dispensary were only brick and mortar shops, there was no need to demonstrate expertise. Patients already had prescriptions they came to pick up.

But when you decide to sell online, you might want to consider hiring marijuana SEO service for your dispensary or medical copywriters for your pharmacy. Visitors expect your website to show informative and educational content, as a proof of your professionalism.

Indeed, you need to be able to explain how your products can target specific health issues and encourage recovery.

Does Your Website Suck?

As an online business, you need to be viable in the digital world. In other words, you need to have a website that is easy to use for your customers. Indeed, the main reason why people choose to buy online is they crave convenience.

So, if you make it difficult to buy from your website or to find the products they need, you can assume that visitors will look for an alternative elsewhere. Additionally, visitors have no patience for 404s – broken links – slow-loading images or clunky menus.

Lack of functionality is a synonym for digital users of lack of professionalism. If you can’t make a website that works, how can visitors be sure that your products work?

Lack of certified reviews

It doesn’t matter how many online customers have written reviews you publish on your site, savvy digital users want customer reviews from an approved source.

Testimonials with the photos of buyers can be faked – and often are. As a result, visitors sometimes don’t care about self-produced or self-uploaded testimonies.

They prefer to check your business on official and independent review companies as there’s the guarantee of reading the experience of a real customer.

Additionally, most independent sources of customer reviews also offer payment protection to your buyers. Signing up for a review scheme and using a trusted logo on your website can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Inconsistent tone

Finally, your digital presence is divided between your website, your blog, your social media platforms and additional contribution to specialized channels.

While it is fair that not all content will be produced by the same person in your team, you need to establish a brand guideline to maintain a consistent voice across all channels.

If you use humor, like I do, then don’t forget to at least try each time you write to keep a consistent style.

Online medicine buyers have developed a savvy eye for digital scams. Consequently, when a business doesn’t meet their expectations, they prefer to cancel the purchase and look elsewhere.

As a result, poor digital strategies can significantly affect the reputation of your otherwise convenient medical business.

Web Prep: The Work Before The Website

With all of the modern tools, services, and other resources you have at your disposal, it’s never been easier to get started on building your own website. Options like WordPress and Bootstrap give you the chance to focus on content, rather than having to worry about code, and this makes it possible for those with little experience to make something beautiful.

Of course, though, while it is easier than in the past, this work is still far from a breeze. To help you out with your next web-based project, ensuring that it goes nice and smoothly, this post will be exploring some of the preparation which has to be done before you get started.

Some services make website management easy and accessible for all.

The Technical

This all begins with some research, as it’s important to have an idea of the technical side of the website before anything else. One of the most crucial parts of this is the system which you use to build your website from.

WordPress is by far the most popular, and it makes it nice and easy to get help with your project, making it great for beginners. There are loads of options like this available around the web. To make sure that you’re choosing the best for your website, it will be worth doing plenty of research.

From here, you will be ready to start looking at the hosting you’ll be using for your website. This can often be based on the platform you’re using, with loads of companies offering affordable packages for systems like WordPress.

Most sites won’t need much bandwidth or storage space when they first launch. Instead, it will be worth looking for a company which can help you to upgrade in the future, as this will save money, while also avoiding having to migrate your work at a later date. Most hosting companies will be happy to offer advice at this stage.

With your platform and hosting ironed out, you will be ready to start thinking about your website’s security. With new laws passing in the EU recently, keeping your site on lock down has never been more important, and there are loads of tools to help you with this. As your first line of defense, you should always have an SSL certificate to protect your brand. Along with this, your host will go a long way to protect your site, and you can install your own anti-malware applications on the server to keep it safe.

Security on your page is a top priority, especially with the new regulations.

The Design

Making a beautiful website takes a lot more than simply choosing a theme and getting started. In fact, to get the most out of your site, it will be worth starting with some paper designs. With a quick look at the themes and templates you have available, you should be able to get an idea of what can be done.

From here, coming up with a range of different ideas on paper will give you the chance to see your website come to life before doing any proper work. Of course, as a big part of this, you should get some feedback from other people.

Ensuring that your website is consistent will take a little bit of planning. Fonts, colors, and shapes should all be chosen before the build starts, giving you a selection of presets to choose from. This is known as a house style. With this under your belt, you will be able to create a website, email templates, and all of your other content surrounding a set theme, avoiding the unprofessional appearance of an unplanned site. There are loads of sites around the web which can help with this, with options like DaFonts being perfect when you’re trying to find the perfect text for your website.

The look and feel of your website need to be planned.

The SEO/Marketing

Domain names are very important to modern websites. With so many competitors around the internet, you have to have a domain which not only stands out, but is also easy to remember after seeing it once. This can be hard to achieve, making it worth looking for some advice.

By collecting a handful of domains and posting them on a couple of forums, you should be able to get some great feedback from others who are working with branding. You always have to consider what people will be most likely to search for when looking for your business.

With a domain sorted out, you will be ready to get started on your SEO, and this is another job which could take some support. A lot of this work will be based on the content on your site, and you will have to choose natural keywords to include throughout your pages. This is something which you can start to plan before the build.

Along with this, working on some SEO link building outreach could also be very helpful, enabling you to place links on other people’s sites. Google loves to see websites promoting each other, and this is a great way to improve your early rankings.

As the internet grows, fields like marketing are starting to become more and more complex. Some companies rely on others to share their content, utilizing influencers to push ads to customers all over the world.

Along with this, PPC and more traditional forms of marketing are also being used, with a lot of businesses choosing to cover as much ground as possible. It will be worth coming up with a handful of campaigns before you start building the website. While most of this work will happen on other platforms, it will all be work which supports the end product.

It can be far too easy to jump into a job like this, assuming that the tools you’re using will do everything for you. The world is a long way from a fully-serviced website builder, leaving you to pick up the pieces. This will get easier and easier the more you do it, making future projects simple.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working hard on your website preparation and will point you in the right direction to get started.


The Ultimate Freelancer Wishlist

Freelance workers are becoming more and more popular with small business owners.

There are now lots of entrepreneurs who are turning to freelancers and contract workers rather than full-time employers.

One of the main reasons business owners are making this switch is because it is a lot more affordable for them. They don’t need to provide freelancers with perks such as sick pay and holiday pay, for instance. Plus, they aren’t obliged to contribute to their pension payments.

But that doesn’t mean that you can get away without giving your freelancers anything at all. They will need some things to keep them motivated and able to carry out their work to as high a standard as possible. Here are a few things that are on most freelancers’ wishlists.

A Contract

Just because you don’t employ your freelancers full-time doesn’t mean that you can get away without having a contract between you. Well, technically, you could work without a contract in place, but that wouldn’t be a very sensible idea!

A contract sets out the scope of work as well as other small details, such as timescale of the project and the compensation. It helps both parties know what is expected from them. Once you start bringing freelancers onto your books, it’s a good idea to find some smart document solutions to help aid their work. These should be sent out alongside any contracts that need signing.

A Fair Wage

There are lots of companies out there who don’t believe that they should pay their freelancers their full worth.

This is largely because of an old-fashioned attitude that freelancers aren’t worth as much as full-time employees. This is slowly changing, though, and now more companies are offering contractors a fair wage for their services. So, make sure that you do too. After all, you pay for the quality of work you will get in return, so if you want the best freelancer for the job, you will need to pay a high price for their services.


There are some entrepreneurs out there who always worry when they have remote freelancers working for them. They might send them daily emails asking for updates on how they are getting on.

This is micromanaging, though, and you shouldn’t follow in these entrepreneurs’ footsteps! It can actually put a lot of freelancers off working with you, and they might end up dropping out of the project early as a result. You need to give your freelancers independence so that they can get on with their work without being disturbed.


Freelancers become self-employed so that they can set their own schedule and work at hours that suit them. So you shouldn’t treat them as if they are in the office with you. Make sure you let them have some flexibility with their work. That means no tight deadlines and the ability to work over evenings and weekends if they wish.

Once you offer all of these things to freelancers, you should find that your working relationship with them vastly improves. So, make sure future job adverts include these points!