Website Doldrums: the flat horizon.

On a sailing ship, you could only make progress when there were winds of blowing into your sails pushing you over the horizon. In a storm, huge gales could launch you miles off course or push you quicker towards your goal. Hundreds of thousands of sailors have died over the years from these storms. But worse than the storms are the doldrums that follow. Flat seas, with no wind… stranding you in a desert of undrinkable water.
The journey you take on your website can be similar. Creative winds push you in the direction you want to go, and uncontrollable storms may sweep across the electronic seas. The most difficult part is waiting out the website doldrums. You’ve already added your content, got your inbound links, reviewed your meta tags and feel like you’re ready for business. Then nothing happens… You check your stats…. and the odd visitor here,a keyword there… the trickle of traffic is nothing more than a ripple in your sails. You check you stats Google Sitemap account, check your stats again….

The important thing to do when you’ve hit that wall, is to just keep on making small improvements on your site. Add subtitles to your pictures. Adjust your alt text on your pictures, add a bit more content to your homepage. Just hang on, the wind will come sweeping into your mast soon enough.

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