Swallow Your Pride: How To Take Advantage of Constructive Criticism

Expectations are dangerous:

I received an I today from one of my colleges who had a chance to look at my blog. I was very proud to share my blog with my friend, because he himself is a seasoned SEO blogger. I know that being new to the “Blogosphere” or whatever it is kids are calling it today, I could use all the advice i could get.
I was surprised when he hit me with some serious issues with my blog right out the gate. I had made the mistake of using a Mac with safari to make my first posts, and it didn’t allow rich text formatting. This made my blog very bland. So he suggested to use formatting to spice up my text. Also, in my haste I had made some elementary spelling errors, which I have since cleaned up.

Be Open to Change

I think it’s very important as site owners to remember that your content on your site should always be under scrutiny. You should be adding or revising your content on a regular basis. You may get some good advice, from your readers, or your friends. Don’t let your pride get in the way, let others good advise help you on your quest for the perfect site.

It’s Worth It!
Content writing for your site does take an investment of time, but it is one of the activities that will definitely give you the largest gain in the search engines. It may take you 2 hours to get those tables lined up within the 2 pixels that you want and to orient that graphic in “Just the right spot”, but imagine how much content you could have typed out during that time! Think of your website as a work in progress, and not as a onetime activity and you will reap the fruit of your labor.

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