Your website will be the cornerstone of your online business success, so if you want to things to go well, you need to make sure that people love spending time on your website.

Alas, all too often companies – often inadvertently – do things that push their much-needed prospective customers away. Below, we take a look at the critical errors you’re making. Make the changes, and you’ll be able to bring those visitors back on board.

No One Loves Your Website
It’s a Laggy, Bloated Mess

You might be surprised just how impatient internet users are, but then again, you’re an internet user yourself, so you know. If you visit a site that’s slow to respond or just has too much going on, then how long do you spend on it? Most people have left within a matter of seconds. And when it comes to business, this means they’re going over to one of your rivals. Check your website speeds, and strip away the non-essentials; it’ll make all the difference.

They Don’t Trust You

You’re not a brick and mortar store. None of your customers will ever see your face, and that means trust must be established in other ways; it won’t just be given to you.

If your website is full of grammatical errors or doesn’t have top-notch security certificates, then it won’t matter how good your products or services are. People need to trust that the site their using takes their security seriously. There’s more cybercrime now than ever before, so, make sure your site is secure. It’ll benefit you and your customers.

They Don’t Know It’s There

There might be nobody who loves your website, but it’s not because the site is substandard; it’s because they can’t find it, and thus haven’t had a chance to fall in love.

You need Google and the other search engines to index your site and show it to the people who are searching for sites like yours. It’s not easy to get ranked, but you can get help. There are over 500 reviews of the HOTH, so bring them on board and establish a presence online. When people see your site, then they’ll love it!

All the Good Stuff is on Social Media

Many companies put too much emphasis on the social media accounts, forgetting that it’s their website that should be their main priority. If you’re saving all your good content for Facebook and Twitter, all you’re doing is making people enjoy social media sites even more. Save your best material for your website, and give people a reason to keep coming back.

It’s Annoying

Finally, let’s think about this: are you annoying your customers? Many website practices have people clamoring for the ‘x’ button, such as autoplay videos, annoying sounds, and invasive pop-ups.

You might think these features are cool, but your customers don’t. They’ll just go to a site that doesn’t have them, and never return!

If you’re guilty of the above, make the changes, and let the customer love flow in!