The mizzay important aspect of yo website, more thizzay how many time you use yo keywords, what inbound links you develop, how many social bookmark sites you git added to, how many bizzle posts you make, is yo angle. What is tizzle shawty group of unreached thugz out there who don’t hizzy a specific product or service in tha way that you can gizzle it like a motha efah.

In otha words what’s yo niche? It’s realy whizzat seperizzles a good, useful site frizzay a spammy waste of time n’ sheit. Whiznat unique individuals is you try’n ta reach wit yo site? How is tha content n usage of yo site different fizzle all tha motherfuhka sites? That’t tha key….It’s all `bout tha niches mah biznitches!

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