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Success takes hard work and teamwork. If you run a small business, the chances are that you and your team need to work together. You will need to be able to exchange ideas freely and work in a way that allows others to make their opinions known without any conflicts or tensions. 

Of course, teams don’t always go that way. There will be times when people struggle to come together for various reasons, and as such, the group becomes somewhat less productive. 

In any team, there will be a few stages as they progress to an effective level. These will be forming, norming, storming, and performing. Coming together and learning about each other before falling into a routine come first. This will be followed by a phase of working through tensions before really working well together, 


Have An Outcome Oriented Team

Competition is fine, but when the end goal is something that you all share, you should be lifting each other up in order to reach it. If you are all fighting for the same thing, you should fight together to combine your skills and strengths. 

Hold briefings together with your team regularly. Remind everyone of the targets for the day, and what everyone can do collectively to achieve these. 


Have Streamlined Communication Tools

Using applications such as Slack, your team can effectively communicate in a very natural and intuitive way. Slack is a great tool for managing workflow across the entire team. You can create and use slack bots to assist you with your needs. 

Having as many channels of engagement will allow staff to communicate in ways that are most comfortable to them. 

Talk About It

Encouraging open and honest communication between your entire team at all levels is crucial. When staff stop being truthful about what they think and feel about an idea, they will stop functioning as an effective unit. 

Allow opportunity for team members to offer up their suggestions uninterrupted, and thank them for their contributions. You should validate all ideas, even if you don’t end up using them. Raising the confidence of the team is vital if you want them to keep on bringing new ideas to the table. A culture where staff members feel that their concepts are not welcome will mean that eventually, they stop innovating. 

When giving feedback, use a positive slant on anything you say. Start with a positive, and be constructive rather than negative about any aspects that you don’t feel would work. 

Team Building

A team that plays together will learn together. Having time spent on problem-solving tasks such as team building games, or even just playing games together in a recreation room, will allow time to bond and understand each other’s psychology in a different context. 

Teams that know each other well can find ways of bringing out each other’s best skills. 

Have A Conflict Management Strategy

Conflict will occur from time-to-time. But sitting down all involved and dealing with the matter head-on is often the best way to nip things in the bud. Work out a system for when this inevitably happens within your team, and how you would like to deal with it.