When you are running your own business, it can often feel like a lonely and stressful place to be. Many small businesses are one-man-bands meaning that you really are on your own. Even with a team around you, it is still you at the top, and sometimes it can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

We know how isolating it can sometimes be and we know that there are days when you wish things were just a little easier. You are working so hard, surely there must be a few ways which you can ease the stress and work more efficiently? Well, that’s where we come in today, as we share with you 3 steps to easing the pressure when you are running a small business.

Get the experts in

You can sometimes feel as though you need to do it all yourself, especially when you are keeping an eye on your costs. However, it sometimes pays to get the experts in.

We know there is an initial outlay, but if you are looking to get your bookkeeping in order or carry out a MacBook repair, unless these areas come naturally to you, you are far better off hiring professionals for the job. They will not only get it down correctly, but they will do it in significantly less time than you will, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks that you are best suited to.

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Trust in your team

If you have a team at work, you need to place your complete trust in them from time to time. Trust yourself that you have made the right decision in hiring them and then believe that the training that you have given them has been effective. Delegate wherever you possibly can, you cannot take on every single task.

There is an art to delegating, so if this one does not come naturally to you, then do seek out delegation tips to get started with this.

If you are a sole trader and working alone, then trust in your team of family and friends to have your back whilst you are working. They can arrange and run things elsewhere in your life from time to time, giving you a few less balls to juggle.  

Write everything down

There has been so much research sharing the benefits of getting things written down. You will be able to create lists this way and then easily prioritise your tasks.

By writing down your work, you will not only be less likely to forget anything, you will also be freeing your mind up to concentrate on other topics. You will also be creating a list for others to utilise if they need to, rather than having to ask you all of the time as you’ve kept it all in your head.

And lastly you will be able to document your journey. For some this might seem like adding an extra job to the very long list of things that you already need to do, but sometimes writing down your thoughts can help you to let off some steam or make more sense of them. Try it and let us know how you get on with this one.