Today’s businesses rely on effective internet marketing to funnel customers to their products. But SEO campaigns are anything but simple. With so many variables to consider, it’s often hard to see where you might be failing and why your campaign is in the doldrums.

Not to worry. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the common problems companies like yours face when conducting an SEO campaign. If you’re struggling, it’s likely you’re facing one of the following issues.

Your SEO Agency Isn’t Up To Date

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The rules of effective SEO change all the time. But some agencies don’t update their methods, either because they’re too costly or because of customer ignorance. Effective SEO agencies gave up things like keyword stuffing a long time ago, but some still use it, believing that it can make a difference to how their clients rank.

Look for agencies that use the most up-to-date methods. Do your research about what is proven to work, and what doesn’t, and then compare this to what your agency offers. Do they align? Or should you find another organisation that could potentially do a better job?

You’re Not Being Specific To Your Business

SEO is no longer a general activity based on optimising around a few keywords. It’s something that is specific to the kind of business you do. SEO for architects and interior designers, for instance, is different from SEO for plumbers and electricians.

Think carefully about how you can make your SEO more relevant to the work that you do. This could mean building links with related websites, creating content that is valid to your customers or being more picky with the keywords you target.

You’re Paying Too Little

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It seems strange to some small business owners that they might have to pay for SEO. After all, it’s all so intangible. But rising up the ranks in Google and other search engines takes time and money because the first-page is such a premium space.

Companies with the wrong attitude to SEO often get into trouble, believing that it’s something that they can have for very little money. And when they pay low prices, they get poor results. In short, when it comes to SEO, you get what you pay for.

You Haven’t Waited Long Enough

SEO campaigns can take a while to have an effect. This is because of the clever way that search algorithms weight pages. Often it takes months for a page to rise through the ranks, even if it is popular and correctly optimised for your intended audience.

Top SEO agencies will make this clear to you from the outset. They’ll tell you that it takes at least six to nine months to get a page to rank well for popular keywords, even with a lot of investment. If you see a company offering similar results in a couple of weeks or less, it’s best to ignore it.

You may feel that your SEO campaign is in the doldrums, but remember than ranking well is a marathon, not a sprint.