Think you’ve got your SEO covered? Think again. Even if you’re an SEO master, you could find there are some things that you’ve missed or have evolved that mean you’re website isn’t performing to its full potential.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to take your SEO to the next level – don’t overlook these simple tips to give your website an SEO boost. You never know when you could learn something new!

Give each page a meaningful title

You come to expect a certain set of pages when you land on a website – does yours live up to the job? An effective website title includes your business name and a short description of what you do.

This can help people to find out more about your business.

Meanwhile, sections of your website such as ‘services’, ‘blog’, etc. should have an accurate title and a meta description. Meta descriptions are an important part of your SEO, so make sure that you:

    • Keep them short

    • Use only one or two keywords

    • Avoid using the title in the description

  • Write persuasive and informative copy – sell your page to the reader.

Get rid of the deadwood

You would think that having more pages on your website will give you more opportunities for SEO, that will then help you to boost your rankings. However, having pages that are underperforming could be doing you more harm than good.

Conduct an audit of your website to work out what’s doing well and what isn’t – and clear the pages where the content is poor or you’re not getting many views.

If you think that the content deserves to be seen, spend some time promoting that particular page to help get your stats up. Failing that, look for ways to improve your web content to help you create more engaging content.

Optimize your website speed

This step is often overlooked by amateur bloggers & content creators. In a nutshell, if your website is slow and it takes a lot of time for visitors of your website to see the first loaded content, it’s a very bad indicator for Google & other search engines. It’s very important to optimize your website speed as best as you can.
This process starts with choosing a fast web hosting provider. If you are happy with your current provider then the next step is to start auditing your load speed with tools like Lighthouse.
This particular tool will show errors that affect your website speed and even nudge you to the right direction on starting fixing them.

Give your links some structure

Randomized URLs can harm your SEO score, so if you’ve not given much thought to them before – it’s time to get things organized.

The right link structure will make it easier to find your pages through a search engine, so ditch the figures and random letters and instead switch to words separated by hyphens that actually mean something. Keep your page URLs short and sweet and watch your rankings improve.

Add some internal links

While having external links can give credibility to your content, having some internal links is also important for boosting your SEO. More links to your web pages places more importance on those pages in the eyes of search engines, while also giving visitors more reasons to explore additional content and explore your website further.

Your page rankings for specific keywords will go up, helping to drive further clicks to your website. Get into the habit of adding internal links to all of your content, and add them to previous content as well.

Format your text

Don’t underestimate the link between user experience and SEO. The better the user experience, the more people are likely to visit your website. Formatting text is a basic element of designing the right user experience, but it’s surprising how many businesses get it wrong. A reader needs to be able to read your content clearly and easily, and headings will help with that process.

Headings can also help your SEO as using keywords in the headings helps boost the page ranking. Formatting text correctly by using a mixture of headings, bolding words and using italics, will all help your content to appear more readable – which is especially important for appealing to smartphone and tablet users.

Consider using SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It’s difficult to stand out among all the competition that exists online, and sometimes even good SEO can’t help you. You might have confused Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the past, but if you read more about them, you’ll find that they are actually quite different. SEM is paid for, while SEO is earned. With the right budget, SEM could help you to grow your business by being seen in those top search engine results. Google Ads and YouTube advertising are two great ways you can use SEM to help you grow your website and make it more visible to others.

Make your images relevant

The right kind of web images can boost your content, making it more meaningful and appealing to the reader. Using images can help people to understand your content, as well as prove to be a useful SEO tool. Some useful tips for making your images relevant for your website include:

    • Provide Alt-text that describe your image. This is not only important for your SEO, but for improving your website’s accessibility too.

    • Make sure your images aren’t too large – this can increase your loading time and deter people from staying on your page.

  • Provide useful image descriptions that include your keywords.

Always ensure that you own the copyright to your images, or that they are licensed under Creative Commons.

Do some link building

It’s all well and good linking to other websites, but who is linking back to yours? Engaging in some link building can help you to gain trust and raises your authority status. With more traffic coming to your website, your search rankings will increase. Link building ideas can include guests posts on other people’s blogs, working with influencers, some good PR and promoting your business on social media. Be receptive to others looking to build links too – you never know when you might need the favor returned.

Getting your SEO strategy right is a key part of making your business a success online. It’s important to review your SEO regularly so that you can stay on top of the latest trends and keep your website from falling behind. Using SEO specialists can be a great way to take care of your SEO so that you can enjoy the benefits without having to do the legwork. Is it time you gave your SEO a boost? Start today.