Whether you are working hard at getting your startup business off the ground or you are working flat-out on driving your small business forward, we know that you are going to be giving it your all. As a small business owner, you know how important it is to be evaluating and reevaluating your progress regularly and your entrepreneurial spirit makes you open to new ideas all of the time. As such, we have put together a few suggestions for your business that are well worth trying, these are our 7 ways to give your small business a boost.

Build a valuable team

This one is twofold for your business. It is absolutely crucial that you build a good team around you if you are to succeed, so you firstly need to recruit effectively or potentially manage out any underperformance if that already exists within your team.

Secondly, you need to train and value your team, rewarding them consistently for good performance. They need to feel involved and invested in your business in order to deliver to your standards and to want to do so. This will engender loyalty and greater motivation and job satisfaction.

You should then have a long term team around you who know what they are doing, what you expect of them and trust that you will recognise them for doing their jobs well.

Invest in Advertising Keeping Your ROI in Mind

Advertising can take many different forms, and you will need to consider which method is going to be the most appropriate for your small business. Word of mouth might make a huge difference to your business as you build up clients based on recommendations.

Ensuring that you have a well designed and optimised website should drive search engine traffic your way whenever people are looking in your niche or your local area so it can be worth investing in your web design. You might then want to explore digital marketing and look specifically into franchise marketing if that is applicable to your business.

Good old-fashioned flyers and business cards can also work well in some cases, along with making a name for yourself in your neighborhood by attending local business forums and meetings.

Ask for customer feedback

This step can be a little daunting, but it is well worth taking the leap and giving this one a go. There are a range of methods that you can use to gather customer feedback, and there is never anything wrong with face to face chats too. You can spend all the time in the world brainstorming ideas to improve your service or product, but nothing is faster than asking for feedback directly from the end user.

What is it that your customer experiences when they use services, try your product or enter your premises? You will want to create a clear vision of what you want them to feel and encounter, so it then makes sense to test this out by asking the client whether that has been delivered to them. Having a live chat or even text enabled app on your website can help.

You can also shape new ideas and make changes based on customer feedback. This should be something that you seek from day one of launching your business and continue to do so regularly.

Create a buzz about your brand

You need to be marketing your business so that it is a recognisable and reputable brand. Building up a good reputation and getting your name known and out there can be hard work, but it is all well worth the effort.

There are several things that you can try to generate a buzz about your brand, from hosting an event to running a promotion, so do explore your options and then work on getting that name out there.

Go back to the drawing board

Do not be afraid to go back to the drawing board with ideas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to basics and redrafting anything that isn’t working for you. Your customer feedback might spark this, or an idea from your team or just a niggle that you have that something’s not quite right.

Whatever the area and the idea, get back into a thinking and planning zone, with your team where possible, and look at it from fresh angles.

You will be able to come up with different ways of doing things this way, and if it means completely redesigning something, if it’s right to do so, then you need to do so.

Add in something new

There is nothing like adding something new to your business to freshen it up for you and your customers. Whether it be a new product launch, a new service to add to your current range or a new look office or store, it can be whatever suits your business best today.

Something new will enliven your business, giving your team something fresh to develop and offering you a new challenge.

Your customers will appreciate a new addition to your range and it is also reassuring to them to see the business developing and evolving as it sends a clear message that you are not going anywhere.

You will appear innovative and it will keep you on your toes!

Take a break

We know, this one appears to be counter-intuitive when we are talking about all that you can do to drive your business forward. But sometimes, taking a break can mean that you come back refreshed, re-energised and full of bright new ideas.

This can mean anything from actually managing to grab lunch away from your desk a couple of times a week or taking a week to spend on sandy shores relaxing and catching up on sleep, you know what will make a difference to you.

You are the heart of your business, so taking time to reinvigorate yourself is always going to be time well spent.