I was reading Lisa Barone’s recent article on ugly websites, and reminded me that since finding the worst website ever, I had actually seen another actual business site that was appalling and actually caused me to choose not to buy from that company.

Nausea Prevented Me From Ordering

My wife was looking for a couch, because we recently got a dog, and having both the cat, the dog and both our laptops on our love seat was just a little too crowded. She hopped onto Craigslist to find a couch at a reasonable price.  After an hour or so of browsing she found the perfect size couch, and it was from a furniture business that was just 1 city away, so it would be relatively easy to get it moved over…


Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong!”

In today’s day and age, there’s dozens of articles on how small businesses can use social media, and how you can create a myspace for your your business.  This here is a lesson on how NOT to create a myspace page for your business.