99 Luft Balloons- April Fools Prank

So I arrived at my office, to notice all 10 chairs from my department were missing from everyone’s desks in them main area…and found that they had all migrated into my office. Luckily I was able to get through the door and coral them back to the desks. I was then confronted by a vast sea of Balloons. They said it was originally 140..but they had many casualties in blowing them up, so it was around 99…

“Hast du etwas Zeit Fur Mich Dann Singe Ich Ein Leide ur Dich. Vonn Neun und Neuzig Luft Ballon, Auf Eirem Weg Zum Horizont”

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  1. you think that’s funny, you should see how many packs of bubble gum I had to chew to place under your chair, desk and “other” places.

  2. Sorry Jeremy. April Fools is my favorite day of the year and well, you’re just the obvious choice! I did give you something to blog about though, right? ;-p


    P.S. You still owe me more credit from last year!

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