Forecast Your SEO ROI & Organic Traffic

If you’re a business owner or a manager in charge of marketing for your company then it’s helpful to know what potential traffic you could gain if you actually pull off the whole “improve my rankings” thing.

I’m going to lay it all out here, a process to estimate how much more revenue your site could be generating for your business. However, if you just want a self-professed “SEO Consultant” based in Nashville to do the heavy lifting, I can do that for you!

This Nashville SEO Consultant Can Help Do This FOR YOU

I mean, there’s a lot of work to do, don’t get me wrong. Sooo much work. BUT it really should all start with being able to visualize how much revenue your site COULD be generating IF you actually optimized your site and improved your keyword rankings.

  • I can do keyword research and forecast the potential income from a campaign.
  • I can audit your website to identify how you can make adjustments to your existing site to hit that forcast.
  • I can consult with you on any aspect of SEO: Site architecture, Content generation, link building, conversion rate optimization
  • I can train you or your team on SEO fundamentals and prepare you to execute on an SEO campaign yourself.
  • Hang out with you and have lunch or coffee and chat about SEO theory.
  • Play board games (excluding Risk & Monopoly) with you. (I love board games. Right now “Teotihuacan: City of Gods” and “Carcassone” are my favorites.)

An Excel (Google Sheets) to Predict Your Site’s Organic Traffic & Revenue

Here! If you want to skip the rest of the process, get the sheet, plug in your numbers and predict the impact of your seo campaign.

How To Estimate Organic Traffic & Revenue

  • Gather your site’s actual ORGANIC conversion rate. I.e. Not your paid advertisement conversion rate.
    • If your site is an eCommerce then use your site’s “Add to Cart” rate.
    • If you’re a lead based business, then this is your contact form or lead capture for conversion rate.
      • If you haven’t yet configured Call Tracking through someone like Callrail (Why? It’s easy! Do it) then keep in mind that you’re not tracking phone calls that originated from organic searches.
  • Calculate your lead-to-sale rate
    • If you’re eCommerce, then this is the % of people who survive your Cart Abandonment rate.
    • If you’re a lead generating site, then you need to talk to your salesperson and figure out how many leads they receive per month that turn into customers
  • Estimate your revenue per sale.
    • If it’s helpful, you can do this on a PER SERVICE/PER PRODUCT basis.
    • If you get recurring revenue from a customer, then calculate your average lifespan and multiply it by your average monthly revenue to get a single number.
  • Using your favorite SEO Keyword Research tool and some brainstorming sessions, create a sheet of keywords for each unique service/product.
    • Be sure to capture the estimated monthly volume for those searches.
  • In a Google sheet, make up a “reasonable” estimation of ranking positions for those keywords.
    • No. You’re not going to rank #1 for every term. Likely, you’ll rank for a few core terms in the top of page 1, have a slew of lower page one ranks, and the rest will be page 2+.
  • Using your preferred “Organic Estimated Click Through Rate” study, multiply the potential volume for each keyword by the CTR rate associated with the “reasonable” ranking you assigned.
    • This will give you a per keyword potential traffic estimate
    • Combine all of your keywords to get a estimated traffic total.
  • Multiple your estimated organic traffic by your conversion rate (add to cart rate)
  • Multiply by your Lead-To-Sale conversion rate (Your non-abandoned cart rate)
  • Multiply by your revenue per sale (or client lifespan revenue)
  • Take a nap.
  • Get to work on your SEO roadmap, schedule a meeting with a local (Nashville) SEO consultant to audit your site and build one, or book your meeting with your supervisor/CEO/CFO/MOFO to get approval to execute on your plan so you can start generating that predicted revenue.
Get your organic traffic estimate sheet

How To Estimate The Cost Of An SEO Campaign

Now that you know how much traffic you COULD gain if you ranked for a reasonable set of related keywords, now you need to estimate your COST for your SEO campaign needed to make those rankings actually appear.

This isn’t Oz, you’ll need to do more than click your heels Dorothy!

  • How long will it take to resolve technical SEO issues like site speed, 404 errors, canonical url issues that are impacting your site’s ranking.
    • Some technical things are “nice to have/do” others can make it MUCH harder to improve rankings
  • How many pages does your site have and how many need to be optimized?
    • You need to improve what’s not working.
  • How many new keywords are you hoping to target that will require additional content to be created?
    • You need to create good content that’s worthy of being at the top of the rankings.
  • How many links, and how high quality are the links that your primary competitors for your target keywords have currently?
    • (you’re going to need to match or exceed the number or quality of links they have in order to rank)
  • Have your site’s rankings suddenly dropped in the same period as a SPECIFIC, ANNOUNCED algorithm update?
    • Sometimes, there’s specific steps that could or should be considered based on the understood impact of that particular update.
  • Are you doing this all in-house? By yourself? With a team? With an SEO consultant? With a full digital marketing agency?