How Does Outsourcing Impact Business In The Digital Age?

A successful business is not run by just one person. A business can be started by one idea from one person, but for it to continue in a way that is successful and worth being a part of, there needs to be more than one thinker and more than one voice.

You can start a company with a partnership: two or three additional people to get on board and work together to make it a success. You could bring in a HR professional to help you to staff your business from the chief tech officer to the reception staff on the front desk who bring in visitors.

Really, it’s going to take you considering what should be in or out of your business to be the most efficiently run without rinsing your business finance from day one.

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As a business leader, you will love having control over your business. Knowing when you should make the big decisions and knowing when to hold back isn’t an easy feat, and anyone involved in business will know that an entrepreneur thinks of their business ideas as their baby.

You’ve dreamed about being your own boss and maintaining control over your ideas and your work. The problem is that if you don’t see the value in bringing in a few extra heads to make the decisions with you, you’re very likely going to find that you struggle.

It’s not a reflection on you or the way that you run your business, but it does show that the idea of outsourcing is a struggle for a lot of business owners.

One of the biggest lessons that you will learn in business is when to let go and, let go you must if you hope to be able to walk alongside your competition and do well with your decisions.

There is one secret that most entrepreneurs don’t know, and that is:

Outsourcing can help you garner MORE control over your business, not less.

I know, it’s a bizarre thought. How can you let go of your business and yet retain a good level of control? It doesn’t sound possible or right, but it is.

Outsourcing some of your key business tasks to outside contractors such as Brown Smith Wallace, LLP, who can manage your business taxes, has so many benefits, ones that you may not have heard of but are still the best thing that you could do. Below, we’ve got some of the main reasons that you should outsource pieces of your company:

You can focus on the things that matter in your business

Firstly, think of all the small things that you get done every day. You may not realise it, but you’re already outsourcing some of the small things. If you hire in a receptionist to field calls and act as a gatekeeper, you’ve outsourced some of your admin to her so that you can free up your time.

If you’ve hired in cleaners to keep your office spruced up after hours so that you don’t have to, you’ve outsourced maintenance so that you don’t have to focus on it. Passing on the things that you have no time for during the day to a freelancer can help you to grow your business and give it a new lease of life.

Outsourcing can make you a more productive business leader.

Think about all the plates that you juggle when you are putting a business together: IT, marketing, sales, finance. All of these are hard enough on their own to oversee, so outsourcing a few of these can give you less on your plate and what you do have left, you can focus on wholly. This makes you a more productive leader and you can interact better with your staff, too.

You can be flexible with your time when you’re not bogged down with busy work.

Not that managing the finances of a large corporation can really be considered as busy work, but by outsourcing some of the tasks that need to be done every day, you can free up your precious time for more important things.

By handing over certain aspects of your business, such as your IT security and your administrative work, you can feel reassured that the work is going to get done better. Freelancers sole focus is the work that you give them, meaning that you can spend your time focusing on the networking and business development instead.

It can be difficult for a business leader to decide what they should outsource and when.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t initially feel like you can let go of a piece of your business to someone else. The thing is, as an entrepreneur you’re going to be working long hours for a rather long time. Isn’t it easier to put your hands up and realise the times you may be in over your head?

Asking for help with outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak; it means that you can see when things are getting away from you and you’re not doing tasks the justice that they deserve. It means that you don’t want to do your business a disservice.

It means that you recognise that you are not going to be the only person that can make your business the success that you long for it to be. Taking your time to interview and research the right people to outsource to is going to give your business the massive boost that it needs to thrive.

Outsourcing some of your business tasks can be such a huge positive in the development of your company, and you should, where possible, learn how you can give up a piece of the company that you cannot manage before letting it get away from you entirely.

Managing freelancers means that you can keep a good handle on your business and control it by switching your focus as you need to. Outsourcing could be exactly what your business requires to do better. Give it some thought.

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