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There is a well-known and old saying that goes “a bad workman blames his tools.” Fair enough – it is certainly possible for people to make excuses for their own shoddy workmanship and conduct, on the grounds that they don’t have the latest and greatest gadgets and equipment for the job.

All the same, though, having the right tools for the job can certainly give you the edge in certain situations, all else being equal. And it’s already a pretty well-known principle that it’s better to be strategic and to work smart rather than just to grind hard, endlessly.

Here are a few reasons why should be strategic, and get the right tools for the job.


  1. Your time and your energy are your most valuable resources, and using smart tools can help to maximise both

In business, you’ll generally be dedicating a lot of time and energy to managing your finances, adjusting your budgets, and so on.

That’s all well and good, but it’s worth keeping in mind that although money is obviously a key consideration, your time and energy are actually your most valuable resources. This is largely because your time can never be regained once it is spent, and your energy levels are what allow you to do anything in your professional life, at all.

Using efficiency-boosting tools can often help you to get more done, in less time, with less energy. That means more of these vital resources are freed up to spend in other areas of your business.


  1. Certain technologies may well be essential for your industry or business model – and those who have the best versions of those technologies may have an advantage over the competition

If you run the kind of business that requires you to keep a powerful and industrial-scale furnace active, it will more or less be given that you will have to have furnace monitoring technologies installed, in order to avoid the potential catastrophes that might develop if that furnace was improperly watched.

At the same time, that particular fact would likely be true for every business operating within your industry.

Certain technologies may well be essential for your industry or business model in general – the thing is, those who have the best versions of these technologies may have a distinct advantage over the competition, either due to better metric assessment, or superior functionality.


  1. It may be that your product or service is excellent, but that no one ever finds out about it, because you are marketing through the wrong channels

It would be pretty tragic if you had the absolute best product or service in your field on offer, but ended up getting essentially no sales, simply on the grounds that your marketing campaigns fell short, and no-one ever really learned about what it is you were offering in the first place.

Using the right technologies and tools can help to ensure that you’re marketing through the right channels, and that you are doing so in the most efficient possible manner. This, then, may give you the exposure you need to actually make some sales and take the market by storm.