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I wanted to get a discussion going about this topic, because I think it could be really important for site owners. Blogs are a great way to get lots of fresh content out on a daily basis through an easy medium. However, the more time you spend blogging, the less content writing you do for your website. Editing your site pages definitely takes more consideration, as you have to consider layout, presentation, and call to action on every page you add (or at least you should be!)

So the question is, blog or write for your site?

– Side question, if you do have your blog as PART of your site, like, does the weight of the content added there get valued towards your overall value? I believe it may, but I think it’s a good question to put out there.

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  1. I think that there are different advantages for having your blog as part of your website and as a stand alone entity.

    First off if your website is and your blog is then search engines will identify every link from one or another as if they were coming from a completely different domain.

    On the other hand, if your website is and you set up your blog as many people theorize that Google will also treat links to and from as different domains.

    Now if you have and then you are probably going to that search engines will count those links as part of the same URL.

    Another something to think about…

    Check out the site link URL’s. Google is associating sub domains as part of It might be another opinion but I think the theory that Google treats links to and from sub domains of a domain as different is completely thrown out.

    John Jones

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