Howdy Folks!

Thanks for tuning in! I am a Customer Support Supervisor for a large web hosting and design company in the real estate industry. Every day I see the winners, and losers of the industry. I see well built websites, I see stock websites that haven’t been modified from their default content.

Day in and day out I talk to beginning website users completely lost and bewildered by all of the conflicting information out there about how to make your website visible to the search engines.
Over time I began to realize that there are always some “sneaky” things you can try to slip past the search engines, but they always catch up, and setup penalties for such actions. As Gollum from Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” would say “Nasty, Tricksy, False!”
Getting good rankings comes from understanding what search engines product is that they sell. They sell results. or rather, accurate results. They profit when people find what they are looking for, because that will increase the likelihood that the user will stay on the search longer, and eventually utilize the built in advertising.

I know this is of course a simplification, but the basic idea is that search engines need to display results that match the “keywords” that a user inputs. So then logically, all you need to do is provide content that matches those keywords, and you’ll get recognized.
Easier said than done.
There you are, your homepage open….a huge overwhelming blank space. My goal is to provide you with tips, tricks and ideas to help fill in that blank page with valuable, search engine, and user friendly content.

Thanks for stopping by, and
you stay classy…internet.