Content Writing Advice, Matt Cutts, and the thrill of competition…

I “Destroyed” Matt Cutts!

Content Writing Advice

Well….By “Destroy” I mean out ranked him on a term “Content Writing Advice” that nobody really looks at…

…and he hasn’t even written a specific post about content writing advice…

…and he most likely doesn’t even realize that he did rank for that term…

Actually, I know that this is a temporary spot in a long standing race for ranking in the term Content Writing Advice, and I would like to give due credit to the blogger who started the friendly little seo competition surrounding the content writing advice keywords. It has brought a large measure of inspiration and direction to this blog, and has often inspired and spurred me on to be far more active in my content writing.

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  1. You know, I gotta admit your German comment on my post sounds a bit dirty just trying to translate it without the aid of software or someone that actually speaks the language. It is a good thing I already know what it says thanks to you telling me.

    Anyways, I hope you don’t mind me always prodding you on. I gotta find a way to get even with you after all. You took something from me that i’ve been waiting to get for a long time now. Looks like I now have to wait longer but i’ll take it back from you… I’m not talking about content writing advice either!

    John Jones

    – 10 minutes of SEO, SEM & Internet Marketing

  2. … them sounds like fightin’ words. I’m proud of you babe… for ALL of your accomplishments these last couple of months…. and i’m not just talking about content writing advice….


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