Content Without Purpose

When you are content writing for you site, you do need to keep in mind the user freindliness of your website. I read this great article about usability that gave an analogy of a restaurant that did tons of advertising but didn’t reap the benefits because their restaurant wasn’t quality.  

Write the content for your website in a way that is going to satisfy the people who read it. Filling pages with empty words that happen to match with your keywords will be much less successful than useful information that is relevant to your clients needs. 

Don’t focus on your rankings because you will become obsessed, checking other peoples sites and wondering why they are ranking higher. Take that energy and devote it to writing relevant website content! When you have quality information that converts visitors it is far more valuable than just sheer numbers.

3 Replies to “Content Without Purpose”

  1. Howdy Fornetti,

    I’m not sure which point in particualr you dissagree with:
    I have several different website projects, and in my experience if you continually check the SERPs for changes in rankings, then you are wasting time you could be using to add unique relevant content, syndicate articles, participate in social media or otherwise promote your site.

    Are you questioning the practice of considering usability on your site? or the analogy I referenced of a restaurant?

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