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From what they have eaten for dinner, through to how many days until they go on vacation, some people like to keep everyone informed of everything they do via social media. While many people consider social media a way to stay connected to friends and enjoy some harmless fun, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sharing too much online is potentially a real problem for your data security, and it’s not just social media that is the issue. Here are some of the data security threats that you need to be aware of to keep your details safe online:

The Pitfalls of Public WiFi

Free WiFi has to be a good thing, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no, not always. Connecting to public WiFi to check your emails, for example, could lead to your details being stolen. Public WiFi has the password displayed for all to see and so you don’t know who else is using it. This makes public WiFi vulnerable for many reasons, and a hacker could intercept your data on the network.

To protect your data, it is useful to use a VPN or virtual private network. Using a VPN will mean that your data is encrypted, which helps to make it less vulnerable to attack. Different VPNs have different features, so it is worth checking out reviews such as a review nordvpn article when deciding which is the right choice of VPN for you.

Beware of the Sinister Side of ‘Fun Quizzes’

You know those quizzes that pop up on your social media timeline that everyone shares because they look like a lot of fun? Well, they may be no fun at all, and merely a ploy to get hold of personal information about you. A lot of the time, these quizzes ask lots of questions about you, which are supposed to reveal a fun fact. In truth, by answering these questions, you could be delivering a whole load of useful data about you directly to a hacker. Before taking part in any of these online quizzes, it is worth checking that they are actually genuine, or just avoiding them altogether.

The Issue of Social Media

So many people give away so much valuable information about themselves via social media. Information such as dates of birthdays and anniversaries are extremely interesting for anyone that would like clues as to what your security questions or passwords may be for your bank account.

Another common mistake that many people make is sharing those countdowns to how many days until they fly somewhere exotic for their vacation. Equally bad is sharing those posts confirming that you have just checked in at the airport, or have arrived at your destination. What these posts are doing is advertising that your home is currently empty, and you won’t be back for quite a while. 

Thinking carefully about the kinds of information that you share online and how you use the internet is, unfortunately, a necessity to keep your details safe and secure.