Google is Watching

Online social networks crossing over to real life With the continued developent of new technology like mapping and social networks, Google has now fused the two ideas together. By enabling your phone’s GPS abilities, you can connect with your friends and communicate where you are and what you are doing in actual physical relation […]

Don’t let Google write your Content: Learn from BBC America

Danny Sullivan pointed out on twitter that the search engine result for the BBC America site has the DMOZ entry appearing  as it’s title tag. It would seem that BBC placed no meta description on their site’s pages. Now usually this is done because the content of the site changes on a regular basis and BBC was relying […]

More Lessons from the Worst Website Ever

Overusing Colors is a Mistake ( causing a seizure is a worse mistake) Keyword Stuffing Images -Quality-Relevance – Alt – alignment Metas- Keywords No description- Like I noted in my post about DMOZ, Google will grab a descriptive snippet if you do not provide one. Meta Content writing advice “YVETTES with an apostrophe ‘. YVETTES […]