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Observe, Participate, Engage – Social Media Coaching

Here’s a good phrase to use when you need to coach clients on effective social media marketing, “Observe, Participate, and Engage!”, let me break it down for ya:ObserveYou want to encourage your clients to observe the social media outlet they’re targeting and understand how it works.Youtube: Liking, playlists and commentsFacebook: Liking, posting links, pictures, questions, […]

Category: Social Media

Blog is a Four Letter Word

A personal blog is, to me, a misnomer. Other than being in the drivers seat as to its contents, what’s so personal about it? Isn’t the point to reach other readers?  Because honestly if I just wanted a personal diary, I’d still keep it between my mattress and box springs.  And I’m not gonna lie… […]

Youtube users are not poor teenagers

YouTube Video Audience has deep Pockets If you thought that video websites were only visited by bored, disillusioned youths in America, then the recent 2008 stats from Youtube should open your eyes! The virtual audience actually has the highest percentage of users making an annual income of $50,000 – $74,999 annually, with 27 %. Even […]